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Quick answer: all those whose lives are still touched by COVID-19.


      • Those Actively iLL with this disease
      • Those who are supposed to be better, but aren't yet
      • Those very afraid of getting this illness, and sure that they probably will
      • Those caring for patients with COVID-19
      • Those whose lives and daily routines have been so changed by the COVID-19 environment that they feel anxious, fearful, powerless, have lost personal freedom or livelihood, depressed, bordering on craziness and instability, any or all of the above.
      • Those who feel isolated and alone because of the COVID-19 setting.
      • Those who don't do what they should to avoid becoming ill, because no one is going to tell them what to do.
      • __________________ <<< that blank space is for you to fill in with someone or 'someones' who need the attention and especially the intention of the Challenge.



Other targets

These might be entire countries.


Reported elsewhere we've been following 28 countries since February 27 to see how COVID-19 has manifested in each. This should not be a COVID-19 Olympics: pridefully reporting our country if a strong response was obtained, and looking down at weaker countries.


But if the goal is having the fewest Actively iLL to cure, then studying and imitating the countries with a better result makes sense. 


Have a look at this gallery of images. These data are from August 17, 2020.

You can click on an image to stop the automatic presentation, and study each for just a bit.


Using the Actively iLL to Recovered index as a yardstick of success (or failure), a few countries have a value >50. (Or >50:1). Others < 10, or < 1 or <1.0 The latter are the true stars where recovering from this illness is very strong. Clearly, those with the higher values, are candidate Targets during the Challenge.

Countries to focus your intention on.


Just one way of seeing things. But the mindset should be one of compassion and not competition.



We like this graphic below. It shows each of the 28 countries as a column. Each column has a red part, for Actively iLL, blue for those who Died, and green for those who have Recovered. So the goal is to turn the whole graphic green with those who are cured. The countries are here organized alphabetically.

The choice of countries was fairly random, made back in late February. Johns Hopkins presents daily data on 188 of the 195 countries in the world. 


A-D-R - 28 countries - 17 August


But we were focusing on approaching the idea of Targets for the Challenge.


Simply put, on the graphic of these 28 countries where is there still too much red?

Those are logical Targets. 

Above I see 7 right off the bat: Netherlands, Sweden, UK, USA, Belgium, France and Spain.


Another way of sorting these is by the % of cases Recovered from illness, per day of infection since the virus arrived in that country. That looks like this, sorted by the highlighted column:


% Revoered per day of infection - 17 August


In this list above, our Targets for the Challenge are at the bottom. They are countries that seem a bit stuck with a lack of progress given the amount of time the virus has been in their country.


Or if you prefer, the following with the most patients still Actively iLL at the top ...


Actively Ill per million population - 28 countries - 17 August


In all these data presented above, the same countries seem to reappear.

They are Targets for the Challenge.


So that is one way of selecting Targets more specifically than just taking aim at our entire world with our combined intention of the Challenge.


Other methods or components of Targetting will be discussed in an article to follow. 


But in the meantime, scan again the names of those countries "in trouble." And during your participation in the Challenge, focus a bit more of your intention to heal COVID-19, on your personal choice. Perhaps its a country where you live, or nearby, or selected for some other personal reason. That works.


These larger Targets, the world itself taken as a whole, or selected countries thought of as a single entity, are what we refer to as Phase 1 Targets. That term is quite arbitrary. But the point is that they can be distinguished from Targets that require a little more work to get our intention to heal through to the recipient. These are labelled Phase 2 Targets, and are covered elsewhere. 



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