Today's Targets

Here is a map of the COVID-19 cases in our world today.

It takes just a moment to load ...


Using the map below.

One can click on the CIrcle With Arrows icon in the top right corner of each box to enlarge it.

Click again to come back to the original dashboard image.

Or, to display it more fully on your display, use this link : JH CSSE. That might be easier to move around the data on outcomes, testing and graphs. For instance at the nottom right of the dashboard, I like to switch the orange "Confirmed" curve to "Daily Cases" then enlarge it.



Or try this one to see which you prefer ...


This one below works by clicking the "+" or "-" to resize. Then grab and move the chart or map (it opens in Asia where the pandemic began) to find the country you are interested in (drag and drop). Click on its red dot, and a window will open to show you Confirmed Cases, Deaths, Recovered and still Actively ill.





This should be an easy way for us all to get "On Target" before each session of the Challenge starts.



And perhaps you might like to use Our Globe to follow along visits as the world turns ... the "how to" of this nice earth model is explained on the page linked to.


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