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If you've elected to be in the Midnight Squadron (GMT), click here for some 'how to's'.



To know what time that represents where you are, click here for our Time Zone page.


To join in the Challenge, one needs to :

  • set aside our daily activities for 20 minutes
  • take a moment to become more focused and calm
  • center our attention on a single thing
  • know when to begin
  • know when 20 minutes has elapsed
  • know when to end.


The following video may assist you in accomplishing all of the above. Give it a try.

We suggest using it full screen. Use your computer's letter " f " key to view full screen, and the "esc" key to return at the end. 




If you might prefer other formats to simply time 20 minutes ...



Use this timer as needed. It rings at start, and rings again at end of 20 minutes.

Silence in between the two rings.

It's bell or cymbal is called a tingsha. Just two rings.




Or if you prefer, a recording that gives 5 minute progress reminders and encouragement.




Or even fancier, the reminders couched in a setting that encourages the required brain activity.

It includes 7.83Hz binaural beats, the so-called Schumann resonnances. The sound our Earth makes!

Do have a listen. Then decide which you prefer.




(Or perhaps, use a 20 minute kitchen timer, but much less cool!)


Egg timer GIF


Current time in cities of our world:



      Alberta, Calgary          Osaka, Japan            Beijing, China           Mumbai, India          Tel Aviv, Israel 





     Moscow, Russia            Milan, Italy            Lisbon, Portugal         New York, NY         Seattle, WA - USA




And finally, here is our Google calendar ...




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