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Let's begin with an Introduction to our Questionnaire on "Long-term" COVID-19.


Briefly, the questionnaire is an exploration of multiple aspects of "Long-term" COVID-19:


      • a relatively new illness, related to a relatively new virus.
      • an illness that presents multiple challenges: for patients of course, but also for those toward whom the patients turn for diagnosis and treatment.
      • On October 9, 2020 - 100 individuals had responded duirng the past 27 days.
      • The respondents are individuals who identify with having, or having had this illness.
      • Gathering additional responses is still ongoing.
      • Nevertheless, some preliminary data is quite informative, and its analysis has been presented in several articles on this website.
      • If you have had or still have this illness, please consider responding to the questionnaire, and ideally, before looking at any results. After you have responded, results are immediately presented to you.
      • Same message of outreach if you know someone who presents with a history of "Long-term" COVID-19.


If you are now ready to see how people answered, click the link to see some of the preliminary results.


Caution: if you are a physician or otherwise responsible for the care of such patients, be prepared for several surprising things learned so far.



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