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The Challenge is actually quite direct.

Each day at 12:00 noon (GMT) you will quietly withdraw from your activities to the extent that you can, to a comfortable and peaceful location. You will then focus on an area of the world where healing of COVID-19 is needed. This Target Area will usually be suggested on this site. But here is a dashboard of involved areas, and you can also pick an area to focus on.


You will devote 20 minutes to complete this process, perhaps setting a timer at first (there's one below), until you develop a second sense for the required duration, which with practice, you will come to feel.


You will quiet yourself and including, and especially, your mind. You will not spend this time in thought, working through your Things To Do, nor trying to send messages that you think through and formulate, and consider appropriate, like: "I'm wishing you Healing." Instead, you will simply sit quietly, and cultivate the realization that your energy of Healing and Compassion, is already being transmitted. If you like, you can focus on the sound of your breathing, while quietly saying these two words to yourself, "Healing... / COVID..." as you breathe. At times you can shift between that and visualizing the Target Area as it has been given to you, and as you see it for yourself.


You will sense this power of transmission increasing in magnitude over time, and with each session. Don't be impatient for it. You will eventually sense how quickly and completely this energy has been transmitted, and exactly to where it is most needed with strikingly specific exactness on the receiving end: Accomplished too simply to believe at first. Focus. See the Target as it should be: healed, and no longer powerless. Do it. Do not fret about what you think you should or might actually see, hear, feel, or otherwise experience, including tears. Return to your breathing, the two words, and seeing the Target.


Just realize that, yes, you are doing this. You are actually, really, doing this, and are responsible for it, and desirous and passionate for it. Do not fret over whether this is meditationn, or prayer, or anything else. Do not get lost in methodology, in knowing exactly what to do or how to do. It is the intention to do that is critical and sufficiant. Let it be nameless, or simply: "The Challenge." Each day; 20 minutes.


You may begin to encounter small events or sensations throughout your day, that are  linked to your having participated in the Challenge. Some will say these are coincidence. Others serendipity. Others will accept more easily that the Challenge works on them as well as on our Targets.


Do not make yourself suffer if you miss a day, or the correct start time. There are two "shifts" or times to participate in the Challenge: at noon and midnight (Greenwich Mean Time, GMT). Simply come back to it the next time it begins to join with others in such a squadron: COVID Warriors. Healing COVID.


Sense also that you are doing this with others like you, at the same time, in increasing numbers, and that you are adding to this enormous, real, irresistable energy to Heal COVID in our world. To support and protect those who are on "the front lines" at the bedsides.


While awaiting cures, and vaccines, and return of liberty and control of our lives after confinement, we are healing COVID. You are healing COVID.


And that is all.


That is The Challenge.




To join in the Challenge, one needs to :

  • set aside our daily activities for 20 minutes
  • take a moment to become more focused and calm
  • center our attention on a single thing
  • know when to begin
  • know when 20 minutes has elapsed
  • know when to end.


Click this link for our assortment of 20 minute timers. Included is a video that will help you accomplish all of the above steps of the process in a single click.




The Challenge in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Hindi


The Challenge takes place each day, beginning at 12:00PM (noon), Greenwich Mean Time, and lasts 20 minutes.


Where I am located, the current time (GMT or UTC +1) is 1 hour earllier :

so I begin The Challenge at 13:00h on my clock, seen below. 



Below is the current time in Greenwich ...


When it reads "12:00:00" (or "00:00:00) the Challenge has begun!



"OK. But what time is that for me?"


Here is a page to answer that question for everyone in our world !


Time remaining ...




If you have elected to do the Challenge as a member of the Second Squadron of Challenge Warriors,

that's just great! Click here for your special countdown timer.


Don't be late !!


Here is an explanation of how to set things up to maintain focus and time 20 minutes.


Switch to the video and participate.


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