Thank you, and Thank you!

I must share with you all, that it gives me quite a warm feeling to find you here this day!

I applaud your courage and admire your compassion.


Thanks to KwaZulu-Natal South Africa

Thanks to Juneau, Alaska

Thanks to Hovedstaden, Denmark

Thanks to Tampere Pirkanmaa, Finland

Thanks to Cardiff, Wales, UK

Thanks to Swansea, Wales, UK

Thanks to Wrexham, Wales, UK

Thanks to Bishopton, Scotland, UK

Thanks to North Berwick, Scotland, UK

Thanks to London, and North Walsham, and Brighton, and

Royston, and Bristol, and Notting Hill Gate, and Maidstone,

and Reading, and Macclesfield, and Holt, and Liverpool,

and Nottingham, and SHeffield, and Andover, and Nuneaton, UK

Thanks to Andalucia, Spain

Thanks to Trooz, Liège, Belgium

Thanks to Columbus and Cincinnati, Ohio

Thanks to San Jose and Bakersfield, California

Thanks to New York, New York

Thanks to Lakewood, New Jersey

Thanks to Union City, New Jersey

Thanks to Minneapolis, Minnesota

Thanks to Lawrence, Kansas

Thanks to Greenville, North Carolina

Thanks to Houston, Texas

Thanks to Lawrenceville, Georgia

Thanks to Sand Springs, Oklahoma

Thanks to Murfresboro, Tennessee

Thanks to Albuquerque, New Mexico

Thanks to Enfield, Connecticut

Thanks to St. Louis, Missouri (I used to live in Rolla!)


Thank you all for joining in the Challenge this September 5, 2020.

See. Our World has found a new family to care for it ...

Just in time.


See you tomorrow. Don't be late !



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