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If you have elected to do the Challenge as a member of the Second Squadron of Challenge Warriors,

that's just great!


If it's at a more convenient time for you, all the better. And we're sure that others will eventually be joining with you. The fact that you don't want to get up at 4 in the morning where you are is a pardonable sign of weakness.


So let's help you be on time for a 00:00 Midnight GMT start of the Challenge.

Those in London wil be asleep, but you and others will be sending your intention to help those still Actively ILL with COVID-19, and to all those caring for them as well. Good show !



Here's your countdown to the start of the Challenge ...




Have a safe flight, and Don't Be Late !

(They might take off without you).



To join in the Challenge, one needs to :

  • set aside daily activities for 20 minutes
  • take a moment to become more focused and calm
  • center our attention on a single thing (perhaps your breathing, perhaps our globe)
  • know when to begin (see this page to know when that is where you are located)
  • know when 20 minutes has elapsed
  • know when to end.


The following video may assist you in accomplishing all of the above. Give it a try.


We suggest watching it Full Screen.

(Once the video starts, hit the 'f' key on a PC. At the end, 'esc' key to come back here).




Here is a page that explains how to setup some audiovisual aids to maintain focus and time 20 minutes.



If you have yet to read the Challenge, click here.






      Alberta, Calgary          Osaka, Japan            Beijing, China           Mumbai, India         Tel Aviv, Israel 





     Moscow, Russia            Milan, Italy            Lisbon, Portugal          New York, NY        Seattle, WA - USA



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