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I hope you have read the first article on Targets. 


It puts into perspective the idea of sending our intention to heal through the Challenge, to a specific spot in our world.


That specific spot is what we call a Target.

But if we're shooting, it's not with bombs or bullets. Quite the contrary.


In the first article, countries having trouble emerging from this viral illness of COVID-19 were identified.

They are Targets of your intention to heal, repeated during the 20 minutes of each Challenge.


Phase 2 Targets are a little different:

      • They are more local than an entire country.
      • They are suggested by specific settings that we'll be offering here.
      • And rather than hovering over a country or the world, they aim to place you much closer to the Target of your intention. 


More on that last point.


If you visualize the earth spinning, or a country that has few recovered cases, that may help with concentration and focus. And yes, these too are Targets. But they are more Phase 1 type Targets.


One step further is to imagine you are actually in a specific scene at a distance from where you are.

This means, seeing events or a situation in that Target, but seeing through the eyes of a person actually there. Actually involved. Actually experiencing that which is calling out for healing.  (, remember ? )


Some will say visualizing or imagining is just a semantic difference but it's more. Or we think so.

Visualizing is more like sympathy or empathy. You feel for a sick person at a safe distance. You may even feel badly that they are suffering. But at the same time, you may experience the emotion of relief, glad that it's not you in their situation. That's normal. And sympathy is a start. It can lead to empathy, with a greater feeling of union. And that can eventually lead towards compassion. As said before, compassion is doing for another, what that person can no longer do for herself or himself.


Imagining means seeing the world, but also the surroundings and situation where that person is, and through their eyes. They have something to tell you. Something to convey. That moves your intention up a notch towards compassion. 

Don't worry. This does not transmit the virus !


To help understand Phase 2 Targets better here's what we propose.

      • We'll present a short recording to present a Phase 2 Target.
      • A link to the recording's text will also be provided, which may be of use.
      • These are short, usually under 5 minutes.
      • If possible, listen to these before the Challenge to strengthen your intention during the 20 minutes shared with others.
      • They will be translated into several languages, since this is an effort taking place throughout our world.
      • One page, one language. So when new ones are added and translated, they are kept together.


Here is a first example. In English.

Listen to it with the player below.

Its text is in PDF format at this link: The first imagining - in ICU. A Phase 2 Target.

Don't be frightened. Nothing very drastic. Just shared compassion. And that's the secret. The real one.



Here is an example in French, with its text.

(Voici un exemple en français, avec son texte en PDF à ce lien).

(Et voici une page où les versions en français des 'Cibles - Phase 2' seront placées).



More will follow.

More recordings. More texts. More translations. 

Phase 2 Targets.


They simply exist to help you get the hang of this.

We are all learning together. How nice !



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