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Last update: October 12.



Spain - caseload - graphic - 11 Oct




Spain - R to A ratio - 11 Oct



Spain regions - September 29



Focusing on specific regions and cities ... what has been the recent trend?



The gallery of images below let's one compare the various regions and see how their Actively ill, Recovered, and Case Fatality results have varied over the past days.

Some areas clearly remain harder hit that others.


Just look at these quickly as they pass before your eyes. In all regions, the actively ill continue to increase, deaths go down slightly, and the % recovered as % a of total cases is currently diminishing.

These values are from Sept 26.


All except for a very few. Andorra is is an example for the world. The population came together and country-wide testing was quickly carried out, and those infected quarantined. Andorra's result is quite different than almost all other regions in Spain.




As Challenges go, Spain has been an impressive Challenge to our shared intention.


Again, don't get hung up in the "how to do ..." aspect. Have the clear intention, and during 20 minutes with others, send it on its way.


If you want to call this prayer, do so.


If you prefer making it work by particle physics and quantum mechanics, do so.


If you're a shaman and travel around the world at will, without difficulty. Great. Make a stop in Spain once a day with others.


If you have discovered a part of your human existence that allows you to do this (like monkeys can), that's great. Use it. Perhaps it's been unused for too long.


If you doubt about everything that's going on here, but are willing to give it a whack or two during twenty minutes, you've touched my heart! Have a seat for 20 minutes with others and let's see what happens.


Spain needs you still, to join your intention to that of others in the Challenge. Get out your beads, your feathers, your warpaint, whatever will get you there. Or just in the quiet of your home, intend to pitch in.




Some have asked me about the "how to do this" aspect of the Challenge.

Here's how I answer, my "how to," including specifically for Spain.




Based on current results, I will be focusing my intention on the Aragon region in the northeast of Spain.

(It's R:A ratio is currently 0.127 : 1. Horrible).

Join me there, or pick a spot that is calling out to you. Aragon has the highest percentage of COVID-19 cases that are still actively ill, and the lowest R:A ratio as explained above. 


Aragon selected - 1 September


Images of Aragon :


Consider using these images FullScreen when joining with others during the Challenge, instead of our globe.




A complete report on the pandemic in Spain is available here.


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