Spain as a Phase 1 Target

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WHY should we now focus our intentions during the Challenge on Spain ?


On September 1, the New York Times expressed it as follows :


Spain\\\'s second wave




Here at we offer in addition :


1st, a map of Spain's regions which you may not be familiar with ...


Map of Spain\\\'s regions



2nd: For each of these regions, a look at those Actively iLL with COVID-19.


Actively ill in Spain

Aragon, Barcelona and Murcia define themselves at present as the top 3 targets.



In the mortality data presented below, we learn that overall, Spain's death rate (Case Fatality Ratio) is 6.5% - today's value for the 188 countries of the world is 3.3%, so higher than most.

Deaths from COVID-19 in Spain - 31 August


For those new to this site, we like to express progress as the Recovered to Actively iLL ratio.

We have been doing that with the numbers for COVID-19 in our world since tracking began.

Shown below for these regions of Spain.


What it adds is that it makes the targets (those with lowest values) even more apparent than following the Actively iLL alone.

If we take the Average R to A ratio of all of Spain (0,850 : 1) this day, it means that for each person Actively iLL with COVID-19, less than 1 person has Recovered.

To be complete: Five regions currently have more Recovered than Actively iLL with COVID-19.


R to A ratio in Spain - 31 August


Here, on our Feedback page, results of our intentions for Spain will be presented during this assigned Target period.



If Spain is an unknown to you, the detailed summary on Spain by Wikipedia,  as is frequently the case, is an excellent place to get to know Spain and its history.



HOW to do this ...

As covered elsewhere ( in fact most of what is written on this site ! ) the Challenge is quite direct.

Join with others for 20 minutes at noon GMT or London time, each day or as often as possible. Spend those minutes sending the intention of healing COVID-19 towards the target selected for that shared process. There is a Calendar at right, to help follow the selected Targets, further explained here.


Look around to get a deeper understanding and answer your questions as they come to mind.

This Index of Articles may help. If Pressed for Time, try that page.


To get swiftly setup for doing this, follow that link.


If doing this here online, there are two usual audio-visual aids.


The first, an MP3 lasting 20 minutes. It serves not only as a timer but also as a guide. Here it is.


Secondly, we use our globe to provide a visual focus during these 20 minutes.

We click to make the changes required to use it FullScreen. If you need more help, click that setup link and watch the little video at the bottom of that page.


SInce Spain is of course a specific location on our earth, you can stop our globe from spinning, and move it with the mouse to center on Spain and enlarge it as your point for visual focus. Whatever is of use to you.


Here is how I do the Challenge for Spain.


Here is a gallery of images from Aragon, an area currently selected for focusing intention during the Challenge. These images might serve you as well. Mouse over the images, and click on te upper right to view full screen.



Some may wish to participate at the appointed time for 20 minutes, but wihout the audio-visual aids.

Ot perhaps, while offline and away from computers. And with their own methods of meditation or intention. Perfect. Do so. And thanks for your participation in the Challenge.


Other targets for The Challenge will follow. Consult our Calendar from time to time.

If you have a suggestion for a COVID-19-related target, let us know by writing:



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