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The goal includes :


  • Starting the Challenge on time, with others
  • Having a 20 minute timer available
  • Having something to focus on, such as a gently spinning globe of our world.


See how the following setup process works for you. Read it through first. Perhaps even print a copy.


First there is an audio file which serves as a timer, but also gives quiet reminders every 5 minutes.


Think of it as a guided meditation through the time required to participate in the Challenge.


Secondly, to help provide a visual point of focus, set up our glode as pictured below. It shows participant locations around the world in real time.


  • Click the triangle at left in the player below to start the guided meditation/ timer. We suggest doing this after you have set up your globe in the next step.




That will look like this ... (but don't use the one below, it won't get you there. Click the link above).


Globe at link


Next, if not selected, click to make the same choices as found at the left arrow above.

The earth will be slowly spinning which you can control with your mouse, dragging and releasing it at various speeds.


Once setup, click where the right arrow is pointing on your computer, and the world image will be full screen which provides a better point of focus. You can still change the globe's size with the scroll wheel on your mouse.

To come back from Full Screen, touch the <esc> key on your keyboard. 


Try this a few times to get used to the adjustments before the Challenge actually starts.


And if you're still a bit lost,


watch the little "How To" video below. It walks through the steps of getting set up with our audio and visual aids for doing the Challenge.






For many visitors, these graphic tools to help with maintaining focus are not that important.


They have come to understand that what is most important is having the clear intention of healing COVID-19 and sending that personal presence and compassion out into our world. 




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