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Hello. If you are one of those who answered our Quesionnaire (100 on October 8, 91 on September 30, 85 on September 26, 64 on 19 Sept., 44 on 17 September, ) thanks again!


If you are presently looking to take the questionnaire, <<< click the link.


"Have we learned anything yet?"

Yes. Some would recommend presenting no results until all answers are in.

That may be "good science." It may be the best practice with questionnaires.


Yet here we are sharing already. Why?

      • The questionnaire is "talking back." Makes sense. At first, when created, the questionnaire is an empty page (or pages). It is filled with hope. But one can only guess at the responses.
      • Now we start to have responses. And those get us thinking.
      • And the thoughts that emerge are exciting.
      • And sharing both that excitement and the thoughts responsible for it, are a way of saying "Thank You!" once again to the respondents. 
      • And finally, to be complete though self-serving, if what you read here motivates you to take the questionnaire, we get another set of responses. Actually, that will hopefully serve everyone interested by the phenomenon of "long-term" COVID-19. Those who have it. Those who want to avoid getting it. Those with the responsibility of responding to and treating those still ill.


As more responses accrue, the conclusions drawn from the answers should get "fine tuned" and become more precise. That's good. That strengthens our impressions about a given question, its topic and answers. 


But until all responses are in, it is not at all impossible that the impression(s) formed today were actually quite wrong. Oh No! So some readers might firmly establish in their minds, the wrong impression. Oh No! Not at all what we want to obtain as a result from this questionnaire.


So proceed with caution, if you decide to proceed at all ...

This funny looking disc is an anti-personnel land mine. Don't step on it! Goes boom! And you with it!


It is most unlikely that the reader's physical body will go "Boom!" in wandering into this space. The same may not be true for preconceptions and false hypotheses. So if one wants to maintain these, proceed at your own risk. You've been warned.


anti-personnel land mine


So what do I suggest ?

    1. If you have not taken the questionnaire yet, and are an appropriate candidate (someone suffering with "long-term" COVID-19) don't proceed to the results offered here just yet. Instead, take the questionnaire. After completeing it, you'll see the results: All of them. Yours, and those obtained from others before you. Looking at the analysis of results now, risks being less well served by the questionnaire. It risks changing how you answer the quesitions. It risks adding bias to what emerges. Instead, take the questionnaire.
    2. Otherwise, proceed and have a look. But recall that unless specifically stated in the article, these are intermediate results. They almost certainly will change a bit as more answers come in. The conclusions might one day even get reversed!  Remember that.
    3. Use this as an incentive to start the wheels turning for your thoughts about this illness. Then share your thoughts with others. We are all still learning about COVID-19. Probably even more true for its "long-term" variant. See what interpretations emerge in your thoughts in response to what follows.
    4. The goal is not to say: "I know that!" Instead: "I'm thinking about it..." Before teaching well, we must learn well. 
    5. Return from time to time to see how each article's topic has been updated. That way, you won't step on a mine.
    6. The articles that will follow, present not only the data, but an interpretation. That always involves taking some risk. What I say may be dead wrong. You're interpretation may be quite different. Remember to share that here with a comment, so others can see it and learn. Teaching is a two way street.




Some visitors have asked for a BIO of the Principle Investigator. You will find that at the link.




As each article gets written, we'll add a link below:


Here are the first ten ...


Indented articles with a letter in the title are updates. Typically, they are written after more results have been obtained. They may have "better" numbers. But they also usually follow logically from the article that precedes them. Nothing lost if they are read out of the order presented below.


Lesson 1: Test results - how uncertainty changes our lives


    Lesson 1a: Test results - adding light as well as heat. A concise reporting of test results.


Lesson 2: So what about that weight gain?


    Lesson 2a: More responses = more insights on WEIGHT


Lesson 3: Effective emotional support - where shall we turn?


Lesson 4: "Long-term" COVID-19 - How scary is that?


Lesson 5: Fostering Resilience - much needed for "long-term" COVID-19


Lesson 6: Impact of "Long-term" COVID-19 on Quality of Life perceptions


Lesson 7: It's Physical. It's Emotional. It's Both.


Lesson 8: How much does "Long-term" COVID-19 impact one's usual level of activity?



As more responses lead towards more learning, additional chapters will be added to each lesson, as with the Lessons 1a and 2a above.




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