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Hey ! Where are all the answers?!

First responses appeared on September 12. Eventually, presentaion of results and some preliminary interpretations will  appear on this website. In fact .... They already have.


Not that anyone would cheat ...


But to prevent looking at answers before taking the questionnaire, (some would call that cheating, we call it pre-response interest), grouped answers will be placed here once there are enough of them.

As of October 1, some preliminary reports.


Recall that each person answering the questionnaire, once complete, gets to see immediately, a summary of how everyone responded up to that time.


Thanks again for taking the questionnaire. If you are still recovering from 'long-term" COVID-19, or feel you have fully recovered, your expertise is sought. Here it is if you've missed it.


Understand, there is no grade given on this questionnaire. Hopefully, just exchange of useful information, including a comparison of your situation with that of others.


Be well, Be strong, Be resilient. Bend but don't break.


And of course, how could we leave this page without a plug for The Challenge. Join us each day! 20 minutes, 12:00PM noon GMT. See our calendar to know when that happens next where you are.



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