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Here's a step-by-step Intro with links to more information as needed. exists to inform visitors about The Challenge, and encourage people to participate with others each day in this effort.


The Challenge is further described at this link. During a session lasting 20 minutes, at the same moment throughout the world, participants focus on active cases of COVID-19 as a target in our world. They develop, maintain and perfect a technique of intention. That intention aims at assisting those with COVID-19 illness who are actively ill to obtain compassionate relief and healing.


Why do this ?

- several possible reasons are offered here. An obvious explanation is that COVID-19 exists throughout our world at this time. It has myriad negative effects at a personal, societal and economic level. Most will already be fully aware of this. So a simple reason why is to make the negative effects alluded to, better.


How is this done ?

- without wanting to avoid the question, our answer is: "However it can be done."


Some will call this prayer, or distant prayer which is one way of viewing this activity. Others will explain it as a meditation practice. Still others as "manifesting" a desired result. Some may feel a personal calling to do this: perhaps something that makes great sense in their lives this day. Some physicists might evoke quantum mechanics to explain what is transpiring. While not evoking certainty about how this happens, it is clear that establishing and fostering a clear intention to send compassionate healing towards those affected, from where one finds oneself, is very important for success. Human imagination is quite powerful and broadly effective in many domains. Visualizing and intending success will likely be more effective here than simply wishing for it. Whatever method is used and proves effective, is accepted and welcomed here.


Who will do this ?


- Individuals or groups who have heard of this effort and accept to participate for 20 minutes each day or when possible, and at the same time, in this intention of healing COVID-19 in our world.

Some will have developed a personal level of expertise from having been ill themselves with the virus. Others will seek to end the pandemic spread to avoid becoming ill. Many may experience a curiosity to see if what we are doing is possible, and assess its effectiveness over time. Still others will apply this as a quiet break from their daily activities. If it is true that having a greater number participants increases effectiveness, inviting friends and acquaintances to participate would be welcomed here. It is also for those who wish they could be on the front lines. Doing that in all the affected sites of our world is not physically possible. Even doing it locally as a professional or volunteer incurs significant risk.



- Some countries have more people actively ill with COVID-19 than others. They can be identified and will be presented on this site. They are targets. But anyone affected by this illness is a target of our intention for compassionate healing at a distance. The possibility of so doing, or accomplishing anything at all by this method, will be doubted by many. That doubt should not be allowed to become a reason to not meet the Challenge each day with others. Other targets include those very affected by this illness as front line workers in healthcare, but other disciplines as well. From those who clean and disinfect public areas, to those making difficult decisions at a government level are also targets of our intention to heal.




- May or may not be necessary, but in our present world, finding a positive outcome for efforts made is popular. Some participants will not need this and can judge for themselves when improvement is being made. Akin to caring for someone who is sick and seeing when things are better. Others might invoke what some may call "blind faith" that the intention to take compassionate action at a distance is having an effect. In any case, at least one form of feedback is available on this site.



Related tasks - there are many.

Some have been accomplished; others not yet. Here are some examples:


  • A quiet meditative practice benefits from an object to focus upon. It is often one's breathing. Here we use a world globe to focus upon and remind us that we are all in this together. Our globe shows locations of those participating.
  • A "20 minute session" benefits from a timer to indicate start and stop times. This takes various forms here. Some include simply a begin and end sound. Others add gentle reminders at 5 minute intervals.
  • 12 noon GMT isn't a very convenient time for many located around the world to meet with others. So we have a second time for the Challenger, 12 hours later. It's our Midnight Squadron of dedicated workers.
  • Applying this through different languages is logical, desired, and much work if done well. There are online translation tools available, but we will try to be as precise, and convenient for non-English visitors as possible.
  • An Index to Articles may be of use in getting to content.
  • Details of Membership



A larger perspective

is hinted at and will continue to be pursued - this could probably have been included in the "Why Do This?" category, but becomes an addendum here.


Most reading this have never lived through a similar event that involves our world so widely and so uniformly. So just as this present virus is "novel," so must be our response to it.


Follows here a short video clip from a representative of the World Health Organization. He discusses one important difference between this virus and another related one responsible for a less global 2009 pandemic. He emphasizes the increased lethality of the present coronavirus.


But his understated concluding remark is that the world's inhabitants must come together now, and for the purpose of saving humanity. This statement is direct, brief, and somewhat shocking in its reminder that this is serious business.



" ... this is a moment for, a huge need for, our collective solidarity as a human race." 



Clearly what we are trying to realize at is an exploration of a method and an intention that unites those of our planet in effecting this common salvation.


Missing that in the days and weeks to come, discussions about any hereafter and what that will be like, seem to become almost moot.




Join with others each day, at 12:00 noon GMT, and meet the Challenge.


Don't be late.


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