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All of the Targets explained here are important recipients of our intention expressed through the Challenge each day.


Some may be more urgent at certain times.


Some Targets may require multiple sessions of the Challenge to focus upon together. Some, the larger Targets like the World, or a specific country, we call Phase 1 targets, described here.


Other Targets may be smaller in size and we call these Phase 2 Targets as described here. They may represent a specific setting, like in a hospital, or specific problem, like those with COVID-19 of longer duration. It may even be a specific person with a COVID-19 problem.


So to guide you in where to place your attention and intention on any given day, and for a specific session of the Challenge, we have a Calendar.

It’s located in the Lateral Menu at right >>>>>>>>>>. We'll be updating it soon.


It will specify a certain Target for the Challenge on a certain day, or a certain number of days.


For those participating, think of it as focusing a beam of light where there is darkness.

But instead of light, the intention of compassion sent at a distance towards those who need it most that day.


While you are certainly free to direct your intention to heal COVID-19 as you choose, combining with others towards the same Target may increase effectiveness.

We’ll all learn just how effective as we practice the Challenge together.


Remember to check the CALENDAR. It will change from time to time.


As an example: 


Spain is our current Phase 1 Target on the Calendar.


From 31 August to 6 September, we will focus our intentions on Spain to heal COVID-19.

Feedback specific to Spain will be presented each of those days, and in the days to follow.




Our Calendar is also a Google Calendar. Click the link for access in your browser.


It looks like this.









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