Our Globe



Here is Our World. And how nice to see you're on it!




Here is another page that explains an easy setup process to accomplish a 20 minute timed period and a point of focused attention.


How to use our (rather cool) globe :

Click link that's below this explanation.


  • on page that opens (not this one), scroll down a bit to find the globe


  • You can play with it like a kid does with her/ his first globe ...

- spin it with your cursor to make it go faster or slower, or to stop it.

- use you mouse wheel or the +/- buttons to change the earth’s size

- stop the rotation if you like, and move cursor over one of the spears to see details. (Do this to find yourself!)

- the taller the spear, the more visits to the site

- to go back to the previous page, use back button in your browser

  • A control panel is located below the earth, and on its right, an icon to go full screen and come back from full screen. I use this during the Challenge. It gives a nice dark background (like being out in space). I make our world big, make it spin slowly, and think of all of you who are here too!


Click this link to see...



This one below only shows the most recent visitor. To get much more info, click the link above.



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