Lesson 4 : "long-term" COVID-19 How scary is that?

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Aided by the media, reports of death and deaths rates due to COVID-19 by country are everywhere.


People are sick of those reports. Yet, sick or not, they look to see what the latest results instruct.


Like a horror film, they just can't look away from the big screen.


What are their chances when a viral hand spins the wheel and decides their destiny?


And if death from COVID-19 is not in a person's cards, just how sick will they be with this illness, if unfortnately, it lasts a long time?


On this day, September 22, 2020, 82 respondents to our Questionnaire had kindly offered us these replies. 


Severity of illness - 23 Sept (82 responses)


So most (80%) had a moderate illness, but a real nuisance as that answer choice above states.


Only 9.8%, severe.


Only 1.2% critical.


And 0.0% reported here, a life-threatening illness.


And of course, "dead men tell no tales" but also, do not respond readily to questionnaires. We'll have to go elsewhere for an answer about mortality from "long-term" COVID-19.


If you are scared to death (oops!) about dying from this if you have it ...

you should not be. That would be an exceedingly rare event.


And in spite of that, when the fact that it's rare doesn't help you ... When you say to yourself that it would just be your luck. That you would probably end up being special once again in your life, and wind up popping off with this. Well, ...


Close your eyes.

Take some slow deep breaths through your nose and out through your mouth while in a comfortable position. Or while looking out the window at the leaves rustling. Give it at least 10 minutes. 20 ideally.


Those leaves. How do they know when to change colors as they are begining to consider right now? And who sets their clock and their compass so they can whisper among themselves as they rustle: "Soon it will be time. Then soon the winds will carry us away to be elsewhere. Elsewhere from where we have been, with our neighbors like us, attached our whole lives."


So be a leaf. And put it all in the hands of that energy that started your clock ticking a while back. That Constancy of Life that pointed your compass in your direction. Leaves don't seem to fear much of anything. Not that journey through the air to the ground. Not even losing leaf form to become atoms of soil. Waiting to be pulled up and be leaf once again. And swaying in the breeze, the leaves talk among themselves. "Think we've ever been here before? Where do we go when we fall?" Questions like that. Most don't answer. They just listen, allowing themselves to be blown in the wind without concern.


And just laugh at all the numbers we just showed you above. Out loud and raucously!

So others in your house call out: "Are you OK?!"


Then shout back: " ... never been better!" 




If the responses to this question have helped you to feel better right now, then all the better.

Tell yourself that you have just received compassionate care, and share that with others.

Share it first with yourself.


But know that in this and other questions, we would like to give you the very best of answers.

Not just anecdotes. Not just impressions. 


So if you know others who can give us their best answers to this "long-term" COVID-19 mystery, lean on them a bit. Suggest that they take our Questionnaire. Here is a link to its Introduction page, and here to the Questionnaire itself, if they're all set to go.


People have been asking why I do this ... (with varying degrees of interest, suspicion and misunderstanding. All traits that we have each owned and make us human).


I only know one answer: "To relieve suffering, and heal the sick where possible."

It's what works for me. And I allow it to take whatever form it manifests in.


Thanks in advance for joining with us here. And if you haven't yet seen what's below, ...


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