Is this prayer or isn't it?

I have mentionned another site, several times.


It too has its format of the Challenge. The specifical goal there is different: to bring Peace into our world.


How is that done at a distance?  Same question one could and should pose here about healing those actively ill with Covid-19. 


"Distant healing" is a term used to encompass such a process. It's different from "Healing Touch" which happens by direct contact with a patient rather than at a distance.


It is an interesting topic in that established Medicine has come very close to reporting not only its credibility, but its effectiveness. 


Here is an article from that site which covers Distant Healing pretty well. So I'll use this link, instead of copying and pasting the same information here.


Is this THE methodology applied here? It can be one tool of many in our toolbag, but certaonly not the only one. Have a look.



Others may press a bit and ask: "Do you think this can actually work? Do you believe in this?"


Here is our answer.  >>>>



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