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you will be directed towards an Introduction to the Challenge. This site began with that topic.


That Introduction looks a bit long, perhaps even cluttered,  and for several reasons. It includes links in several languages. It informs when the Challenge will next begin. It gives feedback from the last Challenge that visitors participated in. It bridges the gap between how most people think and feel on a daily, continuous basis while awake...., to arrive at a space where intention and feeling combine to become more effective, if not more important, than frequently observed methods of human reasoning.


And the goal of making that transition, with others who join together each day for 20 minutes (at a distance) is to contribute to healing the illness we all now know about. COVID-19. Need more info? You'll have to click the image above.



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Related by purpose, but perhaps not by methodology (and some would argue that) is The Science Side.


Current activities there arise out of a questionnaire that explores myriad aspects of the "Long-term" COVID-19 illness. On October 2nd, a total of 93 respondents presenting with this disease had kindly offered their data. If you click on the above image, that process will be further explained. Especially important for those who are intent on adding their expert responses by taking the questionnaire. That section of this site, also presents analyses of these responses. Many interesting findings is our opinion. But you'll have to click on the image above to read about those and see if you agree.


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