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Some have asked for more detail about how to convert "intention," into "compassionate action."


Let me try to help by sharing exactly what I do to meet The Challenge.


First of all, our current Phase I Target is Span. Let's use it as an example.

      • Spain is large and diverse in terms of populations and languages spoken.
      • So I try to learn everything I can about humans living in Spain.
        • I do not make this a project that will last the next 4 months (but who knows?). I try to get just a bit closer to a country that I don't know as well as my own, though I have travelled there.
        • I have fine-tuned the target a bit for me by selecting the Aragon region, (quite ill with COVID-19). Up to you to pick another area of Spain that's special for you.
        • So I show up 10 minutes before Start Time, and I look at pictures of Aragon as found in the previous note.
        • I review Feedback (on Spain) to get a sense of the difficulty of this Challenge before facing it for 20 minutes with others.


Next, I get set up to do The Challenge:

        • I use this page to get Switly Set Up. (... and to not be late !)
        • I click on the link to start the audio.
          • It serves as a 20 minute timer
          • It presents very short encouragement at 5 minute intervals.
          • It serves somewhat as a guided meditation.
          • As soon as I have cllcked its player to start it, I next click on the link below it to start our Globe. That is explained on that same page. The goal? a spot for visual centering.
        • I click the link to get our world spinning (slowly!) before my eyes.
          • I switch it to Full Screen.
          • I notice all the orange spikes that indicate where others are located
            • I often think of these as antennas, helping to attract my intention to heal, and to be with others where they are.


And that's it. Up and running for 20 minutes. But there's more (of course) for our specific target.


As the audio and video begin, I get positioned comfortably, and calmly and get centered.


I put aside my monkey-brain thoughts. I do this without impatience. If a thought recurs I think: "Oh. Hi! Back again? Could we take this subject up just a little later? In an hour perhaps? Good for you? Great. Thanks for stopping in. Bye."


I often yawn a time or two which is good. It says I'm moving towards calm. (But not towards sleep !)


Next, we have a specific target today, Spain, not just the world which is of course still the larger target for the COVID-19 burden. So, ...

      • I spend the 1st 10 minutes focusing on the world as it spins gently before me.
      • When the audio announces "10 minutes are up" I switch to Spain.
        • With the mouse, I stop the globe spinning, stopping over Spain, and enlarge it to get in real close. I focus a bit more intention to heal on the northeast, Aragon.
        • Next I change my intentional thought just a bit. As explained on the page describing The Challenge, when breathing in, I usually think the word : "Heal" or "Healing." And on breathing out I think or even whisper, "COVID-19."
          • For Spain I change that to thinking,  "I intend ... " (as I breath in);
          • And I whisper or think intentionally, "... to heal Spain." (as I breathe out).
        • To give you some idea, that sounds like this ...


        • And as I get into that space and time that we are sharing, I sense the presence of others.
        • And in their own languages around the world, I hear them (or sense them) saying that same healing intention for Spain. Some will like to call this a prayer, which is fine. Some will be certain that their atoms and quantum particles are flying out towards Spain, which is fine. Others will simply be happy and relieved to be more relaxed, which is fine. 
          • P.S. : No. I am not hearing voices, at least not just yet. But it provides an interesting, and for me helpful audio tool to help me get closer and bring us all together. An auditory hallucination? No. Not just yet. A recording I made of voices from around our world. They are all saying the same thing: "I intend to heal Spain." That's all. That's enough. More than enough.


Listen to our world, speaking on Spain's behalf!

DId you hear your language?



  • So I devote the second 10 minute half of The Challenge to this specific Target: Spain.


Some have asked me how and where to click to get the Challenge for our Spain target set up.

This short video should answer that. It may prove useful for other upcoming targets as well.






Some have asked me for an intentional phrase to say during the Challenge ...

So for me, (and for Spain) my intention sounds like this.

I think the first half as I breath in (hard to speak when breathing in!) and I whisper the second half as I breathe out. Sometimes in English. Sometimes in Spanish. Whatever works for you ...



10 minutes for our World. 10 minutes fro Spain. And then it's over.




And a bit later, I spend some time seeking out and adding the feedback to share wih you, to see how it went.



Here's one last audio file to help you understand what happens when those participating in The Challenge show up late! Oh no !  A classic case of dysunified intentions ! 

While no intention is ever lost, when together our intentions may have more clout !




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