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Let's figure out when you should start the Challenge with others ...


Some background.

There are 24 time zones around our World. Most are straight forward. Some get difficult because of Daylight Savings Time (or not). A few even divide the hour into 30 minutes like in India. We are going to keep this very simple. If you live in one of the unusual Time Zones, up to you to figure it out.

Then there's the International Date Line, where one day becomes the next (or the last!). Don't worry. We've got it all figured out for you, here below.



The Goal : 12:00 AM or PM (you chose) - GMT.

GMT is Greenwich Mean Time.  It is often used as a standard fro setting clocks around the world.

So we chose it as our standard: as our Start Time Target.

We could have selected any Time Zone then told you what time that is where you are.

But we select GMT because that's just the way it will be. People have usually heard of it.


So how about you?

When do you join in?


4 versions of the same thing to look at ...


      1. An image below which shows a 12:00PM (noon) GMT start time, and all Time Zones.
      2. A next image below the first which shows a Midnight GMT start time, and all Time Zones.
      3. Same as number 1, 12 noonGMT, but it's a PDF page that you can download or print more easily.
      4. Same as number 2, but also a PDF that gives a midnight start time (not for you but midnight in Greenwich, England ! ) and the Time Zones where you can find your time to join in by CIty/ Country.
      5. Don't worry about these explanatory words, just look at the pages below, and the PDF's.




We have heard many suggestions for different times. In fact, so many that if we tried to please everyone we would never start at the same time, which is a goal for doing the Challenge together.


To avoid participating in the Challenge in the middle of the night, there are two "sessions" each day.

One at 12:00PM noon GMT, and the other at 12 midnight, GMT. That helps translate this activity into

times that are reasonable throughout our world.


And, if you want to get up at 0-dark-30, or 4AM to join in with others instead, no one will stop you, and thank you for your dedication to the Challenge.


For Noon ...


1200 noon GMT Time Zone  Start sheet


For midnight ...


Midnight GMT Time Zone  Start sheet



And even nicer. 


Since you may have arrived here via computer and not telepathy, here is a link to our Google Calendar.


When the special times in Greenwich (12:00PM noon and 00:00AM midnight) show up on our event calendar, they will be in YOUR TIME ZONE!  Just imagine!  It will probably even give you a 10 minute reminder if the calendar page is open.




Another page with our Timers is here.



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