From tragedy to Intention

NEWS programs can't seem to relinquish their usual methods.


"If it bleeds, it leads" and we see it first, spread across the page or our screens.


But sometimes, no matter how the anxiety-provoking parts are offered, one should pick through to find the truths that can help us here. Help us to find intention. Find right intention for the Challenge.


So the News story presented here is a tragedy. 

But the details are quickly couched in a manner that allows the audience to understand that these deaths (for it is about deaths) were probably avoidable.


The brother and sister presented here, now dead of COVID-19, had pre-existing conditions.

We learn that by the 5th succinct paragraphs of the report.

A Managed Care company would have probably turned them down for health insurance.

This said without any pertinent facts. But it recalls the same style. "Let's just get beyond the sad namby-pamby part as fast as we can," is what the writing reads like. It ends by remembering to give the death counts and case numbers for Boward County in Florida. So at least there the report includes everything it should. Everything except the crushing reality.


But they were both obese. Because of that, and perhaps due to asthma or COPD, at least one of them, before COVID-19, had difficulty breathing. So no surprises.


So the NEWS first shares that health history by paragraph 5 so we can quickly guess the end of the story. They died because they were not previously careful at all with their health. Obesity, after all, is a curable condition.

So there. "Got that point, viewers?"

Everyone who's not obese is relieved, and those who are overweight are now scared shitless.

Thank you NEWS report.


Next story ...





But perhaps not quite so fast to end our article here.


Let us not become so quickly hardened, seeking therein protection against the escalating numbers, that we don't let this get to us. It should get to us. We should take a moment to be with those who were on the "front lines" caring for Byron and Mychaela. They too are not over these two deaths, though still working hard to prevent the next ones.


We should spend some time sitting with the mother of these children, Monete. We should have the intention of devoting some personal emotional energy as though these two were our children. 


And emerging from that, before being destroyed by the glibness of the NEWS (no matter how carefully written their report), to recall that we have the Challenge. A place to fall back upon if you like.  


We will include Byron, and Mychaela, and Moneta in our intention to heal as we gather together each day for 20 minutes. For the Challenge still has plenty of room. A space as large as our planet itself actually. 


I will not pursue Moneta or her family to offer an invitation to join with us.


But if anyone reading this knows this family, please let them know that they are welcome to be with us here for 20 minutes each day. I'm sure that the healing that will begin at that time, will carry over for much longer than 20 minutes. Show them how to do that. Rather than being a socially incorrect thing to do in such a tragic time, it may be the best thing to do for all who have heard the NEWS.



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