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The Challenge is not a game nor a contest.

But it does have a goal, and it's nice to know when that goal is being met.

It's also important to be able to see when a little more work is needed.


The goal is to have fewer people in the world who are Actively ill with COVID-19.

The goal is to have more who have Recovered.


So to begin this feedback, here is an image to keep in mind. It will be updated frequently if not daily.


It shows those who are Actively ill with COVID-19 in our world. (red line)

It shows those who have Recovered. (blue line)

And for each person still Actively ill it shows the number who have Recovered as a ratio.

That's Recovered divided by Actively ill. (green line with stars).




R to A ratio 3 nov





And Today


World R to A ratio (2


2.208:1 - A comforting return

More than 2 persons continue to recover, for each person still ill. That's the goal.


Don't quit!  Once again, ... you did a great job since yesterday !

Thank you so much for your intention and participation in the Challenge.


Find others to join with you in the Challenge. It's free, they'll be comforted, they'll make a difference.




A gallery of related images ...










"You know the closer your destination the more you're slip slidin' away ..."

(Simon & Garfunkel).


These numbers come from the confirmed cases of COVID-19 in 190 countries of the 195 countries of our world, reported by Johns Hopkins CSSE throughout each day. Our page with their dashboard is here.




Current date & Time in Greenwich, England  (Challenge starts at 12 noon & midnight)



Here is a link to see the most recent numbers. You can try this link.


We'll update what's below on a monthly basis ...


Visit Summaries : Current - October 9


Page views - 9 October, 2020



We're growing gradually but consistently.


Remember to tell your friends and acquaintances so they can join in with you and others as well.

Send them this link so they can find their way here.

And send them this link to our Google Calendar so they know when to do this.

The times given there adjust automatically to the Time Zone on their computer.



Thank you ALL !   

And that in the name of all those still affected with COVID-19.

If you have had COVID-19, and are now recovered or recovering, join with us to intend the healing of those still Actively iLL. Also, have a look at our Questionnaire if your COVID-19 illness lasted for longer than other patients (3 to 5 months, for example).


Be very proud of yourself!  You are the source of the World's Hope!

Something that many had feared had been lost. Not lost at all.  It's here each day because of you!

Thank you !




So tell your friends and family to join with you and others in meeting  the Challenge.

Post links to this site wherever you pass on the Web and in your emails.

Tell those whom you know with active COVID-19, that we are all here for them.

In fact we are with them. Each day.

They are not alone. They are not powerfless. They should join us here if they are strong enough.

Soon, they will be strong enough!


We're at


We're going to meet that goal of Recovery, and reclaim a normal life for everyone on the planet, touched by COVID-19. Those on the "front lines" will find an escape from daily terror, find rest, and regain Peace.


You don't have to believe a thing. You just have to commit to doing the Challenge.

You have to incorporate in your daily existence, the intention of sending healing and compassion.

Don't get hung up in the "how" question. The intention is sufficient. See you at noon !


And if you insist in getting hung up in that "how" question, here's "how" I do this at the present time.


The "R to A ratio" is going to rise out of sight !

(It may juts take a while ... )


(To be updated soon ...)





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