The Challenge

The Challenge

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The Challenge is actually quite direct.

Each day at 12:00 noon (GMT) you will quietly withdraw from your activities to the extent that you can, to a comfortable and peaceful location. You will then focus on an area of the world where healing of COVID-19 is needed. This Target Area will usually be suggested on this site. But here is a dashboard of involved areas, and you can also pick an area to focus on.


You will devote 20 minutes to complete this process, perhaps setting a timer at first (there's one below), until you develop a second sense for the required duration, which with practice, you will come to feel.


You will quiet yourself and including, and especially, your mind. You will not spend this time in thought, working through your Things To Do, nor trying to send messages that you think through and formulate, and consider appropriate, like: "I'm wishing you Healing." Instead, you will simply sit quietly, and cultivate the realization that your energy of Healing and Compassion, is already being transmitted. If you like, you can focus on the sound of your breathing, while quietly saying these two words to yourself, "Healing... / COVID..." as you breathe. At times you can shift between that and visualizing the Target Area as it has been given to you, and as you see it for yourself.


You will sense this power of transmission increasing in magnitude over time, and with each session. Don't be impatient for it. You will eventually sense how quickly and completely this energy has been transmitted, and exactly to where it is most needed with strikingly specific exactness on the receiving end: Accomplished too simply to believe at first. Focus. See the Target as it should be: healed, and no longer powerless. Do it. Do not fret about what you think you should or might actually see, hear, feel, or otherwise experience, including tears. Return to your breathing, the two words, and seeing the Target.


Just realize that, yes, you are doing this. You are actually, really, doing this, and are responsible for it, and desirous and passionate for it. Do not fret over whether this is meditationn, or prayer, or anything else. Do not get lost in methodology, in knowing exactly what to do or how to do. It is the intention to do that is critical and sufficiant. Let it be nameless, or simply: "The Challenge." Each day; 20 minutes.


You may begin to encounter small events or sensations throughout your day, that are  linked to your having participated in the Challenge. Some will say these are coincidence. Others serendipity. Others will accept more easily that the Challenge works on them as well as on our Targets.


Do not make yourself suffer if you miss a day, or the correct start time. There are two "shifts" or times to participate in the Challenge: at noon and midnight (Greenwich Mean Time, GMT). Simply come back to it the next time it begins to join with others in such a squadron: COVID Warriors. Healing COVID.


Sense also that you are doing this with others like you, at the same time, in increasing numbers, and that you are adding to this enormous, real, irresistable energy to Heal COVID in our world. To support and protect those who are on "the front lines" at the bedsides.


While awaiting cures, and vaccines, and return of liberty and control of our lives after confinement, we are healing COVID. You are healing COVID.


And that is all.


That is The Challenge.




To join in the Challenge, one needs to :

  • set aside our daily activities for 20 minutes
  • take a moment to become more focused and calm
  • center our attention on a single thing
  • know when to begin
  • know when 20 minutes has elapsed
  • know when to end.


Click this link for our assortment of 20 minute timers. Included is a video that will help you accomplish all of the above steps of the process in a single click.




The Challenge in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Hindi


The Challenge takes place each day, beginning at 12:00PM (noon), Greenwich Mean Time, and lasts 20 minutes.


Where I am located, the current time (GMT or UTC +1) is 1 hour earllier :

so I begin The Challenge at 13:00h on my clock, seen below. 



Below is the current time in Greenwich ...


When it reads "12:00:00" (or "00:00:00) the Challenge has begun!



"OK. But what time is that for me?"


Here is a page to answer that question for everyone in our world !


Time remaining ...




If you have elected to do the Challenge as a member of the Second Squadron of Challenge Warriors,

that's just great! Click here for your special countdown timer.


Don't be late !!


Here is an explanation of how to set things up to maintain focus and time 20 minutes.


Switch to the video and participate.


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The Challenge side of things ... - The Challenge Side

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As you move through the pages of this site, your language choice will follow automatically.


The Challenge side has been a bit ignored by its author during the last 6 weeks!

I've been very busy setting up protocols for studies of "long-term" COVID-19 patients.

You can get a sense of where we are in all that by clicking the link to the Science Side hare below.


But have no fear! I and others are still participating in The Challenge each day at 12 noon GMT.

That fact is more important than adding rapid updates here. 

Blogs always have a rather fickle readership. If there's nothing new over 2 or 3 days, goodbyte visitors!

That's not a problem for us. 




Oops! Take me to the Science Side please!

January 6 at 12:24PM GMT (13:24 our time) - thanks again to those around Our World who participated in the Challenge this day!  


The Results are already evident, and today's results have been posted. (R:A ratio =  2.208:1 ).

Heading back up ... 

See you again tomorrow! And remember to ask your friends to join in as well!.


Next session of the Challenge: January 7, 12:00PM (GMT). Don't forget !

    (Or, on January 7 at 00:00 Midnight (GMT), if joining the 2nd shift is better for you.

Perfect !  Click here. )   


"But what time is that for me where I am?"  - see this page to find out.

Don't forget that Daylight Savings Time is now off !


If you've already read the Intro below, and are here to begin the Challenge, here's it's Timer.




Links to the 6 most recent articles are at the bottom of this page.


A page serving as an Index to Topics & Articles is here. ( Needs an update, it but have a look ! )


Pressed for Time? - Try this summary


New material :    le Défi en français (the Challenge explained in French)

O Desafio em Português (the Challenge in Portuguese)

Die Herausforderung auf Deutsch (the Challenge in German)


Uma introdução, em português  (Short Intro in Portugese)

Eine kurze Einführung, auf Deutsch (Short Intro in German)

Introducción, en español  (Short Intro in Spanish)

ek parichay, hindee mein (Short Intro in Hindi)


Setting up swiftly to do the Challenge


"Do You Believe in This?" (added August 15)

"What's a Target?" (added August 17)

"Targets - Phase 2" (added August 21)

Spain as our current Phase 1 Target (added August 31)

How I Do This (added Septmber 7 in response to questions)

A link to our Google Calendar (added Sept 8)

An Introduction to our Long-term COVID-19 findings Questionnaire (Sept 10)




There are of course already too many words on this page. But we hope that during your visit to you may find :


      1.  A sense of belonging comfortably. Here with others, and not afraid to say, in a community of love and compassion.
      2.  If all this is new for you, take it as a type of formation, and in so doing, somehow becoming just a bit more than you were before. And this through true union with others of our world.
      3. We will try not to impose our personal impressions or structures too much. But have confidence that whatever you experience through the Challenge is real, and larger than the small spaces that we may have been inhabiting before COVID-19. Perhaps the start of a unique story. Your story, to share with others. Let the voice of hope, be your voice.
      4. We have our ideas and methods of course. But we are very much looking to learn from you. Tell us what you might need to make the Challenge work for you and for our world at this difficult time. Write:




This site began on July 15, 2020. So welcome, and anticipate more content in the days to come.


We're at


What gets written here often needs editing and corrections. That should be OK.  We do them ASAP.

More explanation will be added, though not so much as to paralyze one's brain.


But a goal, or its initial formation and evolution, is already certainly underway.

Just enough, is already in place. It is not written in stone but in softer spaces within our being.

Spaces that can be shared. In fact, must  be shared if we're going to pull through this.


Some definitely related foundational thoughts for why this page is before you:


  • COVID-19 is
    • was a new disease, but is now well established in our world.
    • on this day, there is still no cure
    • on this day, there is no vaccine
    • on this day, some countries seem to be recovering and others not or not yet
    • on this day, focus is often lost to political and other social issues
"An eye for an eye,
will make us all blind." (Mahatma Gandhi).


  • COVID-19 currently affects many people of our World, including you.
  • This is true even if you are not a "positive case" of which there were 20,317,087 on August 12, and 27,886,825 on September 10. On January 7, 2021, 86,555,947 declared cases, and climbing.
  • That seems true, that your life has been most probably affected, whether you have been infected with the virus causing this disease or not.
  • There are many reasons to feel powerless right now.
    • Perhaps you're sick and not better yet. Or, its just taking too long. Longer than they said.
    • Perhaps you're not sick but afraid that you will become sick sooner or later.
    • In either case, perhaps this has soaked up so much energy and attention that little is left. Quite easy to just be worn out.
    • Perhaps anxiety has become a daily visitor. Perhaps it has never left since its arrival.
    • Perhaps confinement, restrictions, "do this; don't do that" soak up lots of personal power, diminishing one's sense of liberty or freedom. A prisoner of an invisible enemy who has, quite uninveited, occupied your space.
  • Some people have died from this illness, (1,871,517 as of January 6), millions are actively ill, even more have now recovered.
  • I have another site you can visit: where lots of numbers and trends in numbers can be found. Currently it concentrates on events where I live. I must admit that when the numbers get better where I live, the visits drop off. So I think that knowing the latest numbers does not cure. Certainly not the illness itself. Probably not that sense of being powerless either. Personal power doesn't come along with the numbers but anxiety might. In the years before, there wasn't COVID-19. So as long as there is one last case, some degree of powerlessness, even if quite small one day, may arise out of that state of persistent infestation. Illness and disease are unfortunate companions of all life forms, shared until a life ends. So here we are again: huddled masses. Hoping for the best. The flu: we worry less, though ever-present each year. Smallpox or Polio: we worry more. And eradication becomes a goal. So here, we join with others to eradicate as best we can.
  • Governments and experts who report results by country have made of this unfortunate illness, a COVID-19 Olympics. "How is your country doing compared with all the others? Better? Did your government make good decisions? Bad? A mix of both?" The noise from all sources combined has become deafening. Especially evident when all other causes for dispute and increased reactivity get pulled in. It is now time to leave all that, to leave one's location and find World. Set aside latest news, numbers and subtle reminders to compete with your neighbors for safety, and prefer to find cooperation. Find that here. Rediscover our World if you had lost it.
  • The World has been waiting for you. No suitcase nor boarding pass needed. Gee. Not even a mask.


Some are already asking:

"What's your intention here?  I mean, what shall we do here? What can we do here?"

Those who visit are coming to be present with others to meet the Challenge, which is explained here.


We will be trying to turn "powerlessness" into healing. It can be done. It can happen. It's not magic.

    • Healing for those, especially, who are Actively ill with COVID-19.
    • Healing for you as well, sick or not. Returning your power. Helping you feel that you are still free.
    • More on the Why Do This ? component, in case you missed that link elsewhere.


How? (here I may quickly lose readers, but I forge ahead nevertheless):

  • You need not travel physically to volunteer at the bedsides of those Actively ill with COVID-19
  • Specifically, you must return here each day until you come to understand the method described.
  • Eventually, even soon, you can meet the Challenge where you are. Without even using this site.
  • Most will return at 12 noon GMT or just before. That will be for about half of those who come.
    • For the other half, if that time has you getting up in the middle of the night, you are welcome to work 'the second shift', which starts just before midnight or 0 hour GMT. So twice a day, this will happen.
    • This suggests that meeting the Challenge is a global thing. A thing for our World. A promise to keep. Without searching right away for what one will get back. Though returns are likely.
    • There is a clock on the Challenge page that shows you how much time remains before the next session. Figure out for yourself, what time that is where you are.
  • Once the Challenge starts, you will get comfortable and focus with others on a target for that day. Sometimes the same target for several days. Soon, helpful suggestions will be presented here on how to do this. Quite briefly, intention is the important mecanism at work here. On another page is the dashboard from John's Hopkins CSSE which can be thought of as our map of potential targets. For anyone just looking for today's COVID-19 results in the world, feel free to use that link as well.
  • For 20 minutes exactly, the group will focus individually and together on sending healing to where it has been targetted: Compassionate action at a distance. The expressed intention to heal.
  • For those who like feedback, there is that as well.
  • That's it. Two shifts per day, the second added for the convenience of some around the globe. This avoids having to rise from bed at 4AM as monastics used to do (some still do), to come together. Perhaps twice the effect? We'll see.
  • Here's an example of how I do this for Spain, one of our COVI-19 Targets.



NEXT, take just a minute to imagine all the comments directed at what I just wrote!

All the objections!

We welcome them! Free thought, Free speech.


Some will say that doing this is simply stupid or insane. Others might say that it takes a little courage.


Beginning right now, let those objections simply fade away. This is not a course in Philosophy, Logic, Psychology, Debating, Physics, Medicine or Religions, with a test at the end. It's simply the Challenge. Join in. No need to try and prove that your the best at this Challenge thing. Calm all that and find how others can be with you. And you with them. Like visitors in a sick person's room. Imagining what that person will be like when healed and home. Intending already during their visit, that they be healed.


I have done this before with a site created to bring Peace into our world. That site is called and I encourage you to click the link to get a sense of its structure and method. That site has not been updated in a while. Don't get lost in it. But at its peak, the Challenge, as described there, was associated with increasing levels of Peace throughout our world. This was suggested by those who follow that topic scientifically. The proofs are included there. So have a look if you like. But come back here !


Our site here will probably stay more streamlined and direct. "Associated with" as written above is not proof of causation. But actually, we are not trying to prove anything here. Try it. Be with us here a few days in a row, and see how that works for you.


Here, you will show up at either midnight or noon (or both if awake and your enthusiasm is already growing!) 


Like a pilot climbing into her plane's cockpit, you will get settled in, and clearly understand the mission of your "flight." It is to send healing energy to those who need it. They need it because their lives, probably yours as well, have been changed a bit, or quite a bit, by a tiny thing that was given the name SARS-CoV-2.


We will focus first on those who's health has been made powerless. We will use all our available resources. Words like silence, imagination, serendipity, prayer, meditation come to mind. Limits and arguments pro and con about these tools are not the goal here, and serve no purpose. We will find what works, and works even at a distance. And even though daily proofs will not be sought, an improvement in the numbers over time will also be looked for as feedback. This will not happen in a day, I presume. Think of it as research as well if that helps. And as I once had above my desk in a lab: "If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn't be research."


But getting into a plane's cockpit and pulling the throttle and clicking buttons here and there would not be expected to give a great result if it was your first flight, and embarked upon without a little pre-flight instruction! The Challenge here should be much safer as you embark on your first "flight" with others in your squadron. And yes, some instruction will follow. 


This exercise arises in a discovery and exploration of compassion, practiced for all those in the world, including yourself.

Yes, self-compassion is also part of this. Not everyone knows how to touch easily on that. Perhaps for fear of "weakness"? Who knows?


Compassion is not pity, and goes beyond empathy. It is doing for someone, something that that person can no longer do on his or her own. Like feeding the sick. One spoon at a time. We will put compassion into action here. Not inaction. And perhaps not necessary to say, but to be clear, this work has no connection with any sect, belief, or larger purpose than that presented here. It's already enough of a Challenge as presented on these pages!


More instructions will follow. But twice a day, I will be here. Others have already joined with me.


I set a reminder on my phone for 10 minutes before, to set aside all the rest, and am present for the Challenge. Here. I will sit for 20 minutes each time. I will get quiet and focused and empty my head of chatter and things-to-do. Then I will focus on sending healing energy out into our World. The intention to do so is the critical factor determning effectiveness. We suggest that this begins less in intelectual thought or effort, ("I can do this! I can do this! I'm healing the world! I'm healing the World!") and more in feeling. "Feeling? What feeling(s)?" - some are already moving ahead.

And specifically, those feelings arising from the havoc caused by this virus.


Monkeys can do this. (Do have a look at that link!). Why shouldn't we be able to do this as well as a subhuman primate ? There must be a reason. Maybe that's it: reason.


In response, I'm sure that some have already said or thought the equivalent of "... how can that possibly work?!" Perhaps you prefer just being anxious and laying low while awaiting the vaccine. Ok. See ya.

Or perhaps, move over to the Science Side on this site, and look at the results of our Questionnaire about "Long-term" COVID-19. Perhaps more comfortable for you. (Then sneak back here every now and then!)


But at the end of the 20 minutes, I'm sure that at least one person will feel a bit more centered. That person may even have recovered a little personal power. I don't expect to have special feelings, hear voices, or see flashing lights as signs of some transcendent level of success. Those are not the goal.


Some may just enjoy 20 minutes of relaxation. Some may even nod off and snooze a bit. That's perfectly Ok. We all need rest, especially now. But your joining others here in this Challenge, if you do, and please do, will already be very, very special. Using your computer as a simple timer of 20 minutes, like a kitchen timer and nothing more, instead of the constant tap, tap tap on the keys, repeatedly noting important stuff that must be done or said, ... this may instead provide some relief. A welcome pause from the necessity of being or doing yet another something special.


So feel welcome here and at ease. Develop a sense of belonging. Let it feel like being with family.

Perhaps you can find yourself among the white dots on the map below.


The map is also found here.


More to come. More info. And hopefully soon, many more dots. Spread the news.






Here, you don't need to maintain social distancing.


Quite the contrary. The very basic human need for family, for friends, for those working with us, is celebrated here, even if at a distance. See yourself on the map. See others. No one need feel alone and alienated. If you have COVID-19 you are welcome here. You need no longer feel like a pariah. You are not untouchable or a leper. If you have leprosy, you too are welcome here. But if you are recovering from COVID-19, your experience with this illness makes you an expert: a leader in the Challenge. How fortunate we are to be able to welcome you aboard!


And here's a little music to accompany your thoughts, as you mull all this over for the next few minutes.



And if you haven't already read the Challenge, now's the time.

And remember: if 12:00 PM (noon) GMT has you getting up at "0-dark-thirty," and you don't like that, shift it by 12 hours. Join with the second squadron. But let's try to be there to start together, marching in time (or quietly intending, without marching) to the music of our World.


The video below is not the one used for the Challenge, but will give you a sense of it.

It's a little corny. The beating heart sound may get on your nerves!  It's just a short thought ...

We use an identical globe as a point of focus for those who like that during the Challenge. And the "antenna" you see stuck in our world are visit counters that get updated in real time as people, ... well, visit.


And if it's almost time to start, here on your first visit, try this to get swiftly set up, and join with others for the next 20 minutes.




If you have questions, write :

If you have feedback or suggestions, write :


And one last thing.

If you think that COVID-19 is just another flu, won't last long if you get it, or barely merits your attention, we hope you're right. But do have a look at results on our Science side  ...


If you think it doesn't merit your 20 minutes a day here with others, you should listen to this interview.

In those words, you may find some motivation to join in.




6 most recent articles :



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Die Herausforderung (The Challenge) - auf Deutsch

Die Herausforderung ist eigentlich ganz direkt.


Jeden Tag um 12:00 Uhr (GMT) werden Sie sich ruhig von Ihren Aktivitäten zurückziehen, so weit Sie können, an einen komfortablen und ruhigen Ort. Sie konzentrieren sich dann auf einen Bereich der Welt, in dem die Heilung von COVID-19 erforderlich ist. Dieser Zielbereich wird normalerweise auf dieser Site vorgeschlagen. Hier finden Sie jedoch ein Dashboard mit den beteiligten Bereichen. Sie können auch einen Bereich auswählen, auf den Sie sich konzentrieren möchten.



Sie werden 20 Minuten investieren, um diesen Vorgang abzuschließen, und möglicherweise zuerst einen Timer einstellen (es gibt einen unten), bis Sie einen zweiten Sinn für die erforderliche Dauer entwickeln, den Sie mit der Übung spüren werden.



Sie werden sich beruhigen und insbesondere Ihren Geist einbeziehen. Sie werden diese Zeit nicht in Gedanken verbringen, Ihre Aufgaben durcharbeiten oder versuchen, Nachrichten zu senden, die Sie durchdenken und formulieren und für angemessen halten, wie: "Ich wünsche Ihnen Heilung." Stattdessen werden Sie einfach ruhig sitzen und die Erkenntnis pflegen, dass Ihre Energie der Heilung und des Mitgefühls bereits übertragen wird. Wenn Sie möchten, können Sie sich auf das Geräusch Ihrer Atmung konzentrieren, während Sie sich beim Atmen leise diese beiden Worte sagen: "Heilung ... / COVID ...". Manchmal können Sie zwischen diesem und der Visualisierung des Zielbereichs wechseln, wie er Ihnen gegeben wurde und wie Sie ihn selbst sehen.



Sie werden spüren, wie diese Übertragungskraft mit der Zeit und mit jeder Sitzung an Größe zunimmt. Sei nicht ungeduldig. Sie werden schließlich spüren, wie schnell und vollständig diese Energie übertragen wurde und genau dort, wo sie am dringendsten benötigt wird, mit auffallend spezifischer Genauigkeit auf der Empfangsseite: Zu einfach erreicht, um zunächst zu glauben. Fokus. Sehen Sie das Ziel so, wie es sein sollte: geheilt und nicht mehr machtlos. Tu es. Ärgern Sie sich nicht darüber, was Sie Ihrer Meinung nach sehen, hören, fühlen oder auf andere Weise erleben sollten oder könnten, einschließlich Tränen. Kehren Sie zu Ihrer Atmung zurück, den beiden Wörtern, und sehen Sie das Ziel.



Erkenne nur, dass du das tust. Sie tun dies tatsächlich wirklich und sind dafür verantwortlich und begehren und leidenschaftlich dafür. Ärgern Sie sich nicht darüber, ob dies Meditation, Gebet oder etwas anderes ist. Verlieren Sie sich nicht in der Methodik, wenn Sie genau wissen, was zu tun ist oder wie zu tun ist. Die Absicht, dies zu tun, ist kritisch und ausreichend. Lass es namenlos sein oder einfach: “The Challenge” ( "Die Herausforderung.") Jeden Tag: 20 Minuten.



Es kann sein, dass Sie im Laufe Ihres Tages auf kleine Ereignisse oder Empfindungen stoßen, die damit zusammenhängen, dass Sie an der Challenge teilgenommen haben. Einige werden sagen, dass dies Zufall ist. Andere Zufall. Andere werden leichter akzeptieren, dass die Herausforderung sowohl auf ihnen als auch auf unseren Zielen funktioniert.



Lassen Sie sich nicht leiden, wenn Sie einen Tag oder die richtige Startzeit verpassen. Es gibt zwei "Schichten" oder Zeiten, um an der Challenge teilzunehmen: Mittag und Mitternacht (Greenwich Mean Time, GMT). Kommen Sie einfach darauf zurück, wenn es das nächste Mal beginnt, sich mit anderen in einem solchen Geschwader zusammenzutun: COVID Warriors. Heilung COVID.



Spüren Sie auch, dass Sie dies mit anderen wie Ihnen gleichzeitig in zunehmender Zahl tun und dass Sie dieser enormen, realen, unwiderstehlichen Energie hinzufügen, um COVID in unserer Welt zu heilen. Unterstützung und Schutz derer, die an den Betten an vorderster Front stehen.



Während wir auf Heilungen und Impfstoffe warten und nach der Entbindung wieder Freiheit und Kontrolle über unser Leben erlangen, heilen wir COVID. Sie heilen COVID.



Und das ist alles.



Das ist The Challenge - die Herausforderung.




Um an der Challenge teilzunehmen, muss man:


  • Legen Sie unsere täglichen Aktivitäten für 20 Minuten beiseite
  • Nehmen Sie sich einen Moment Zeit, um fokussierter und ruhiger zu werden
  • Konzentrieren Sie unsere Aufmerksamkeit auf eine einzige Sache
  • weiß, wann ich anfangen soll
  • wissen, wann 20 Minuten vergangen sind
  • wissen, wann zu beenden.


Klicken Sie auf diesen Link, um unser Sortiment an 20-Minuten-Timern anzuzeigen. Enthalten ist ein Video, mit dem Sie alle oben genannten Schritte des Prozesses mit einem einzigen Klick ausführen können.

Versuchen Sie diesen Link, um ihn schnell einzurichten, bevor die Herausforderung beginnt.





<<<< Startseite


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O Desafio em Português

O desafio


O desafio é bastante simples.

Todos os dias às 12:00 (GMT), você se retirará silenciosamente de suas atividades tanto quanto possível, para um local confortável e tranquilo. Em seguida, você se concentrará em uma área do mundo onde a cura do COVID-19 é necessária. Esta área alvo geralmente será sugerida neste site. Mas aqui está um painel das áreas relevantes, e você também pode escolher uma área na qual prefere se concentrar.



Você vai gastar 20 minutos para concluir esse processo, talvez ajustando um cronômetro no início (há vários abaixo), até desenvolver um segundo sentido para a quantidade de tempo necessária, que você desenvolverá. com prática.



Você acalmará seu corpo, mas acima de tudo, sua mente. Você não deve perder esse tempo pensando, trabalhando em sua cabeça em suas coisas a fazer. Não há necessidade de tentar enviar mensagens que você pensa e formula, e que considera adequadas, como, "Desejo-lhe tudo de bom". Em vez disso, sente-se, relaxe e cultive a compreensão de que sua energia de cura e de compaixão já está sendo transmitida. Sua intenção de estar presente para esse propósito é enviar cura do COVID-19 para as pessoas afetadas. É capturado em sua intenção de enfrentar o desafio com outras pessoas em nosso mundo. Se quiser, você pode se concentrar no som da sua respiração, enquanto diz calmamente essas duas palavras para si mesmo, “Cure ... / COVID ...” enquanto respira. Não há necessidade de dizer as palavras. Pense nisso enquanto respira. Às vezes, você pode alternar entre isso e visualizar a área-alvo em nosso mundo como dada a você, ou como você a vê por si mesmo.



Você sentirá esse poder de transmissão aumentar em magnitude com o tempo e a cada sessão. Não fique impaciente com esse sentimento. Você acabará sentindo a rapidez com que essa energia foi completamente transmitida e exatamente onde ela é mais necessária. Isso com notável precisão do lado receptor: realizado de maneira muito simples para acreditar no início. Concentrado. Imagine o alvo como deveria ser: curado e não mais indefeso. Faça isso, este Desafio. Não se preocupe com o que você acha que deve ou pode realmente ver, ouvir, sentir ou outras sensações repentinas, incluindo lágrimas. Volte à sua respiração, às duas palavras, e imagine o alvo bem curado e muito aliviado.


Apenas perceba que, sim, você está fazendo este Desafio. Você está realmente fazendo isso agora. E você é responsável, ansioso e apaixonado por isso. Não se preocupe se é meditação, oração ou qualquer outra coisa. Não se perca na metodologia, sabendo exatamente o que fazer ou como fazer. A intenção de aceitar o Desafio é crítica e suficiente. Seja sem nome ou simplesmente: "O Desafio". Cada dia: 20 minutos.


Depois de algumas sessões em que participa do Desafio, você pode começar a encontrar pequenos eventos ou sensações ao longo do dia. Estão vinculados à sua participação no Desafio. Alguns diriam que são coincidências. Outros, serendipidades. Outros ainda aceitarão mais facilmente que o Desafio funciona tão bem com eles, quanto com nossos alvos de pessoas que ainda vivem com o vírus ou afetadas por sua presença em nosso mundo.


Não se machuque se perder um dia ou o horário de início correto. Existem dois “turnos” ou horários para participar do Desafio: meio-dia e meia-noite (Horário de Greenwich, GMT). Apenas volte na próxima vez que começar, para se juntar a outros em um esquadrão como esse: guerreiros COVID. Eles estão curando COVID dia após dia.


Também sinta que você está fazendo isso com outras pessoas como você, ao mesmo tempo, em números crescentes, e que você está adicionando a esta energia enorme, real e irresistível para Curar COVID em nosso mundo. Sua intenção também inclui aqueles que estão "na linha de frente" ao lado do leito dos mais gravemente enfermos.


Enquanto esperamos por remédios, vacinas e o retorno da liberdade pessoal: Enquanto esperamos pelo retorno do controle de nossas vidas após este momento tão difícil, estamos curando COVID.


Você cura COVID.


E isso é tudo.


Este é o desafio.




Para participar do Desafio você deve:

      • deixe de lado suas atividades diárias por 20 minutos
      • reserve um momento para se tornar mais focado e calmo
      • focar nossa atenção em uma única intenção
      • sabe quando começar
      • saber quando 20 minutos se passaram
      • saiba quando terminar.


Clique neste link para ver nossa variedade de cronômetros de 20 minutos. Incluído está um vídeo que o ajudará a realizar todas as etapas do processo acima com apenas um clique.





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Le Défi en français

    (The Challenge)


Le Défi est en fait assez direct.


Chaque jour à 12h00 (GMT, l'heure à Londre), vous vous retirerez tranquillement de vos activités dans la mesure du possible, vers un endroit confortable et paisible. Vous vous concentrerez ensuite sur une région du monde où la guérison du COVID-19 est nécessaire. Cette zone cible sera généralement suggérée sur ce site. Mais voici un tableau de bord des endroits concernés, et vous pouvez également choisir un domaine sur lequel vous préférez vous concentrer.


Vous allez consacrer 20 minutes pour terminer ce processus, peut-être en réglant une minuterie au début (il y en a plusieurs ci-dessous), jusqu'à ce que vous développiez un deuxième sens pour la durée requise, ce que vous allez développer avec la pratique.


Vous allez calmer votre corps mais surtout, votre esprit. Il ne faut pas passer ce temps à réfléchir, à travailler dans votre tête sur vos choses à faire. Pas besoin d’essayer d'envoyer des messages que vous réfléchissez et formulez, et que vous considérez appropriés, comme: "Je vous souhaite la guérison." Au lieu de cela, installez vous simplement tranquillement et cultivez la réalisation que votre énergie de guérison et de compassion est déjà transmise. Elle est captée dans votre intention d'être présent(e) dans ce but d'envoyer la guérison de COVID-19 à ceux atteints. Elle est captée dans votre intention de relever Le Défi avec d’autres personnes dans notre monde. Si vous le souhaitez, vous pouvez vous concentrer sur le son de votre respiration, tout en vous disant calmement ces deux mots, "Guérir ... / COVID ..." pendant que vous respirez calmement. Pas besoin de dire les mots. Pensez-y pendant que vous respirez. Parfois, vous pouvez basculer entre cela et visualiser la zone cible dans notre monde telle qu'elle vous a été donnée, ou telle que vous l'imaginez vous-même.


Vous sentirez cette puissance de transmission augmenter en ampleur avec le temps et à chaque séance. Ne soyez pas impatient(e) pour cette sensation. Vous sentirez finalement à quelle vitesse cette énergie a été complètement transmise, et exactement là où elle est le plus nécessaire. Ceci avec une précision frappante du côté récepteur: accomplie trop simplement pour y croire au début. Concentrez-vous. Imaginez la cible telle qu'elle devrait être: guérie et non plus impuissante. Faites le, ce Défi. Ne vous inquiétez pas de ce que vous pensez que vous devriez ou pourriez réellement voir, entendre, ressentir ou d’autres sensation subites, y compris des larmes. Revenez à votre respiration, aux deux mots, et imaginez la cible bien guérie et très soulagée. 


Il suffit de se rendre compte que, oui, vous faites ce Défi. Vous le faites réellement, vraiment, actuellement. Et vous en êtes responsable, désireux et passionné. Ne vous inquiétez pas de savoir s'il s'agit de méditation, de prière ou de quoi que ce soit d'autre. Ne vous perdez pas dans la méthodologie, en sachant exactement quoi faire ou comment faire. C'est l'intention de faire le Défi qui est critique et suffisante. Qu'il soit sans nom, ou simplement: «Le Défi». Chaque jour: 20 minutes.


Après quelques telles séances où vous participez au Défi, vous pouvez commencer à rencontrer de petits événements ou sensations tout au long de votre journée. Ceux-ci sont liés à votre participation au Défi. Certains diront que ce sont des coïncidences. D'autres, des sérendipités. Encore d'autres accepteront plus facilement que le Défi travaille aussi bien sur eux, que sur nos cibles de personnes encore atteint du virus ou touchés par sa présence dans notre monde.


Ne vous faites pas souffrir si vous manquez une journée ou l'heure de début correcte. Il y a deux «quarts de travail» ou horaires pour participer au Défi: à midi et à minuit (heure de Greenwich, GMT). Revenez-y simplement la prochaine fois qu'il commencera, pour se joindre à d'autres dans un tel escadron: des guerriers et guerrières COVID. Ils et elles guérissent le COVID jour après jour.


Sentez aussi que vous faites cela avec d'autres comme vous, en même temps, en nombre croissant, et que vous ajoutez à cette énergie énorme, réelle et irrésistible pour Guérir COVID dans notre monde. Votre intention comprend aussi, ceux qui sont «en première ligne» au chevets de ceux plus gravement atteints.


En attendant les remèdes, les vaccins et le retour de la liberté personnelle: En attendant le retour du contrôle de nos vies après cette période des plus difficiles, nous guérissons le COVID.


Vous guérissez COVID.


Et c'est tout.



C’est cela le Défi.



Pour participer au Défi il faut:

      • mettre de côté vos activités quotidiennes pendant 20 minutes
      • prendre un moment pour devenir plus concentré et plus calme
      • centrer notre attention sur une seule intention
      • savoir quand commencer
      • savoir quand 20 minutes se sont écoulées
      • savoir quand terminer.


Cliquez sur ce lien pour notre assortiment de minuteries de 20 minutes. Inclus est une vidéo qui vous aidera à accomplir toutes les étapes ci-dessus du processus en un seul clic.

Mais pour s'y mettre au plus vite, cliquez ici.



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