Adding perspective to your thoughts about COVID-19


This helps us move towards our Phase 2 Targets.


Sometimes to understand a situation, the best thing to do is to place ourselves in that situation for a moment or longer.


Of course placing oneself where ther is a great deal of COVID-19 illness to be cared for is risky.


But to get a sense of the magnitude of this problem (you probably already have that) helps focus our intention during the Challenge.


So listen to this little interview, and try to place yourself in a space that allows you to see our world now, through the eyes of the person recounting his illness. 


This is a Surgical Resident in his second year of training, so I can empathize. Been there. Done that.


But listen to what he has to say. See our world through his eyes, because his view of existence has certainly been changed. It has evolved. His intention to heal will certainly be augmented for the rest of his professional career. That's the positive side of all of this destruction.


If you haven't had COVI-19, all the better. Continue to avoid it, well, ... like the plague.

He's going to tell you what its like.


Have a listen.



Join with others each day, at 12:00 noon GMT, and meet the Challenge.


Don't be late.


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Target : Spain - Feedback

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To translate this page, select your

language from the dropdown menu below:




Last update: October 12.



Spain - caseload - graphic - 11 Oct




Spain - R to A ratio - 11 Oct



Spain regions - September 29



Focusing on specific regions and cities ... what has been the recent trend?



The gallery of images below let's one compare the various regions and see how their Actively ill, Recovered, and Case Fatality results have varied over the past days.

Some areas clearly remain harder hit that others.


Just look at these quickly as they pass before your eyes. In all regions, the actively ill continue to increase, deaths go down slightly, and the % recovered as % a of total cases is currently diminishing.

These values are from Sept 26.


All except for a very few. Andorra is is an example for the world. The population came together and country-wide testing was quickly carried out, and those infected quarantined. Andorra's result is quite different than almost all other regions in Spain.




As Challenges go, Spain has been an impressive Challenge to our shared intention.


Again, don't get hung up in the "how to do ..." aspect. Have the clear intention, and during 20 minutes with others, send it on its way.


If you want to call this prayer, do so.


If you prefer making it work by particle physics and quantum mechanics, do so.


If you're a shaman and travel around the world at will, without difficulty. Great. Make a stop in Spain once a day with others.


If you have discovered a part of your human existence that allows you to do this (like monkeys can), that's great. Use it. Perhaps it's been unused for too long.


If you doubt about everything that's going on here, but are willing to give it a whack or two during twenty minutes, you've touched my heart! Have a seat for 20 minutes with others and let's see what happens.


Spain needs you still, to join your intention to that of others in the Challenge. Get out your beads, your feathers, your warpaint, whatever will get you there. Or just in the quiet of your home, intend to pitch in.




Some have asked me about the "how to do this" aspect of the Challenge.

Here's how I answer, my "how to," including specifically for Spain.




Based on current results, I will be focusing my intention on the Aragon region in the northeast of Spain.

(It's R:A ratio is currently 0.127 : 1. Horrible).

Join me there, or pick a spot that is calling out to you. Aragon has the highest percentage of COVID-19 cases that are still actively ill, and the lowest R:A ratio as explained above. 


Aragon selected - 1 September


Images of Aragon :


Consider using these images FullScreen when joining with others during the Challenge, instead of our globe.




A complete report on the pandemic in Spain is available here.


Back to our Feedback page.


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Spain as a Phase 1 Target

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WHY should we now focus our intentions during the Challenge on Spain ?


On September 1, the New York Times expressed it as follows :


Spain\\\'s second wave




Here at we offer in addition :


1st, a map of Spain's regions which you may not be familiar with ...


Map of Spain\\\'s regions



2nd: For each of these regions, a look at those Actively iLL with COVID-19.


Actively ill in Spain

Aragon, Barcelona and Murcia define themselves at present as the top 3 targets.



In the mortality data presented below, we learn that overall, Spain's death rate (Case Fatality Ratio) is 6.5% - today's value for the 188 countries of the world is 3.3%, so higher than most.

Deaths from COVID-19 in Spain - 31 August


For those new to this site, we like to express progress as the Recovered to Actively iLL ratio.

We have been doing that with the numbers for COVID-19 in our world since tracking began.

Shown below for these regions of Spain.


What it adds is that it makes the targets (those with lowest values) even more apparent than following the Actively iLL alone.

If we take the Average R to A ratio of all of Spain (0,850 : 1) this day, it means that for each person Actively iLL with COVID-19, less than 1 person has Recovered.

To be complete: Five regions currently have more Recovered than Actively iLL with COVID-19.


R to A ratio in Spain - 31 August


Here, on our Feedback page, results of our intentions for Spain will be presented during this assigned Target period.



If Spain is an unknown to you, the detailed summary on Spain by Wikipedia,  as is frequently the case, is an excellent place to get to know Spain and its history.



HOW to do this ...

As covered elsewhere ( in fact most of what is written on this site ! ) the Challenge is quite direct.

Join with others for 20 minutes at noon GMT or London time, each day or as often as possible. Spend those minutes sending the intention of healing COVID-19 towards the target selected for that shared process. There is a Calendar at right, to help follow the selected Targets, further explained here.


Look around to get a deeper understanding and answer your questions as they come to mind.

This Index of Articles may help. If Pressed for Time, try that page.


To get swiftly setup for doing this, follow that link.


If doing this here online, there are two usual audio-visual aids.


The first, an MP3 lasting 20 minutes. It serves not only as a timer but also as a guide. Here it is.


Secondly, we use our globe to provide a visual focus during these 20 minutes.

We click to make the changes required to use it FullScreen. If you need more help, click that setup link and watch the little video at the bottom of that page.


SInce Spain is of course a specific location on our earth, you can stop our globe from spinning, and move it with the mouse to center on Spain and enlarge it as your point for visual focus. Whatever is of use to you.


Here is how I do the Challenge for Spain.


Here is a gallery of images from Aragon, an area currently selected for focusing intention during the Challenge. These images might serve you as well. Mouse over the images, and click on te upper right to view full screen.



Some may wish to participate at the appointed time for 20 minutes, but wihout the audio-visual aids.

Ot perhaps, while offline and away from computers. And with their own methods of meditation or intention. Perfect. Do so. And thanks for your participation in the Challenge.


Other targets for The Challenge will follow. Consult our Calendar from time to time.

If you have a suggestion for a COVID-19-related target, let us know by writing:



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Our Target Calendar



All of the Targets explained here are important recipients of our intention expressed through the Challenge each day.


Some may be more urgent at certain times.


Some Targets may require multiple sessions of the Challenge to focus upon together. Some, the larger Targets like the World, or a specific country, we call Phase 1 targets, described here.


Other Targets may be smaller in size and we call these Phase 2 Targets as described here. They may represent a specific setting, like in a hospital, or specific problem, like those with COVID-19 of longer duration. It may even be a specific person with a COVID-19 problem.


So to guide you in where to place your attention and intention on any given day, and for a specific session of the Challenge, we have a Calendar.

It’s located in the Lateral Menu at right >>>>>>>>>>. We'll be updating it soon.


It will specify a certain Target for the Challenge on a certain day, or a certain number of days.


For those participating, think of it as focusing a beam of light where there is darkness.

But instead of light, the intention of compassion sent at a distance towards those who need it most that day.


While you are certainly free to direct your intention to heal COVID-19 as you choose, combining with others towards the same Target may increase effectiveness.

We’ll all learn just how effective as we practice the Challenge together.


Remember to check the CALENDAR. It will change from time to time.


As an example: 


Spain is our current Phase 1 Target on the Calendar.


From 31 August to 6 September, we will focus our intentions on Spain to heal COVID-19.

Feedback specific to Spain will be presented each of those days, and in the days to follow.




Our Calendar is also a Google Calendar. Click the link for access in your browser.


It looks like this.









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Les Cibles de type Phase 2 (en français)



Nous avons expliqué dans un autre article, quand nos cibles pour le Défi sont des pays avec de nombreux patients atteints du COVID-19. Et même parfois, notre monde avec tous ses pays.


Nous présentons ici ce que nous avons appelé: Cibles - Phase 2


Celles-ci ont tendance d'être plus spécifiques et personnelles que des pays entiers.


Les cibles de la phase 2 sont un peu différentes:


  • Elles sont plus locaux que tout un pays.
  • Elles sont suggérés par des paramètres spécifiques que nous proposerons ici.
  • Et plutôt que de survoler un pays ou le monde, elles visent à placer votre intention beaucoup plus près de la cible.



Plus sur ce point.


Si vous visualisez la terre en train de tourner, ou un pays qui a peu de cas récupérés à présent, cela peut aider à la concentration et aussi à se mettre dans un bon état d'esprit. Et oui, ce sont aussi des cibles. Mais ce sont plutôt des cibles assez larges de type Phase 1.


L’ étape supplémentaire consiste à imaginer que vous êtes réellement dans une scène spécifique à une distance de l'endroit où vous vous trouvez. Cela sert à rendre votre intention plus claire et efficace.


Cela signifie voir des événements ou une situation qui appartient à cette cible, mais voir à travers les yeux d'une personne réellement là. Réellement impliquée. Et de la, vivre réellement ce qui appelle à la guérison. (Et donc, le nom pour ce site).


Certains diront que visualiser ou imaginer n'est qu'une différence sémantique, mais c'est plus.

Ou nous le pensons.


Visualiser ressemble plus à de la sympathie ou de l'empathie. Vous vous sentez atteint par la situation d’une personne malade, mais à une distance qui a l’effet de vous sécuriser. Vous pouvez même vous sentir mal que cette personne souffre. Mais en même temps, vous pouvez ressentir une émotion de soulagement, heureux que ce ne soit pas vous dans leur situation. C'est normal. Et la sympathie est un début. Cela peut conduire à l'empathie, avec un plus grand sentiment d'union. Et ce dernier peut éventuellement conduire à la compassion. Comme dit précédemment, la compassion fait pour autrui, ce que cette personne ne peut plus faire pour elle-même.


Imaginer, c'est voir le monde, mais aussi l'environnement et la situation où se trouve cette personne qui a besoin d’aide, et à travers ses yeux. Ils ont quelque chose à vous dire. Quelque chose à transmettre. Cela fait monter votre intention d'un cran vers la compassion.


Ne vous inquiétez pas. Cela ne transmet pas le virus !


Pour mieux comprendre les cibles de la phase 2, voici ce que nous proposons.


  • Nous offrons ci-dessous un court enregistrement pour présenter une cible de type phase 2.
  • Un lien vers le texte de l'enregistrement est également fourni, ce qui est peut être utile.
  • Ces enrégistrements sont courts, généralement moins de 5 minutes.
  • Si possible, écoutez-les avant de participer au Défi (the Challenge) pour renforcer votre intention pendant les 20 minutes partagées avec les autres personnes.
  • Ils seront traduits en plusieurs langues, car il s'agit d'un effort qui se déroule dans le monde entier.
  • Une page (comme celle-ci), une langue. Ainsi, lorsque de nouveaux fichiers sont ajoutés, ils sont conservés ensemble, par ordre, sur cette page.


Voici un premier exemple. En français.


Écoutez-le avec le lecteur ci-dessous.


Son texte est en format PDF à ce lien à droite: Ceci, le premier des “Imaginings” - ‘en USI’.

Une cible de type phase 2.


N'ayez pas peur. Rien de très radical. Il cherche surtout à renforcer et à affiner votre intention, rendant le Défi pour vous plus efficace. Il s’agit de partager sa compassion.

Et c'est ça le secret. Le vrai secret.





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