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Membership: How To Sign Up

To Sign Up as a Member

Doing so let's you write comments, get notifications about new articles and comments, Newsletters, forum participation, all of which you decide upon.


If you look at the top right corner of this page (and other pages), it looks like this:

S\\\'Inscrire translated

So ....


  1. Click the word "S'Inscrire" to start.
  2. In the window that pops up, the top light blue box, (see below) tells you all the advantages of Membership, as I presented above.
  3. In the same window, enter :
  • Your email address
  • Username or Pseudonym of your choosing
  • Think up and enter a Password to get into the site once a Member.

Nothing unusual there.  And that pop-up window looks like this when translated:


Sign up Window.jpg


To Sign In As A Member

Look at the top image in this post. On the rightmost it reads : "Se connecter" (= Log In)


Click on that and the following window pops-up ...


Member Connection.jpg


 Fill it out, click the "Se connecter" button, and you've Logged On. Pretty standard fare.



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Where Things Are Located, Membership, and Language Issues

So, ...


The host for this site is They are a French company. 


I've gotten used to their format over several years. One can use WordPress or others for a blog, but I find those others sometimes incredibly complicated to use unless one is high on the Geekdom scale. It's probably just me.


So parts of these pages will suddenly appear in French. For example, the pop-up window that appears at the bottom right as you finish this or other articles.

Don't be afraid when that happens. That pop-up serves to invite a reader to become a member. Why would you do that? To get an occasional Newsletter (none so far), and to get an email notification when there is something new. This might be a new post, or a notification that someone has commented on your comment. To leave a Comment below an Article. Not a Member? Can't leave a Comment. To participate in Forum discussion, should there one day be a Forum on this site, you have to be a Member.


Why would you not want to become a member? I don't know. I guess if suddenly lots of email started coming your way to notify of this and that..., perhaps a nuissance. As a member, you get to decide what you will be notified for. Since there are not 123 writers cranking out articles, doesn't seem like that should ever become a big worry.


Privacy issues. You don't want your information sold to 3rd parties. OK, so we don't do that. Phishing issues. We don't know how to do that. We don't want to know how to do that.


Navigation is pretty straight forward. Either the horizontal menu at the top, or the Lateral Menu on the right. Click anywhere in the header and it takes you back to the Home Page.


You don't understand what the member sign-up pop-up is asking you to do ...

Let me help with a little translation.


That pop-up window has a first line that reads:


"Inscrivez vous au site" = Sign up: Become a Member.


"Votre nom de membre" = Select your Member Name. This is usually a pseudonym like "BloggerJoe" for instance. Pick something you'll remember.


"Votre adress email" = Your email address. (Bet you knew that). Again, not to SPAM you, but to send you updates if you like. Being a Member of this site is, in the final analysis, just a convenience. And again, once signed up, in your Pofile, decide what you want to receive. Receive nothing if you prefer. Fine by me.


"Un mot de passe" = You guessed it ... your password. Not your gmail, PayPal or any other Password. But your Password for managing your profile on this site. Choose something that you're not going to forget like "CC007" for instance. 


Here's this information graphically if translation helps: 



Or if it helps, check this out : Membership - How to Sign Up, which includes How to Log On once you're a Member. Nothing fancy.


Sometimes I might poll you for your opinion.

Some parts of that polling box might also have a few words of French, but usually not enough to add any confusion to the Question and it's suggested Answers.

For instance, after selecting your Answer, click "Voter" at the bottom = "Vote" and by the time you're done here, maybe you'll be fluent in French if not already, or at least a bit more globally cosmopolitan. Below "Voter" is "Tous les sondages" = "All the polls" which one would click on to see all the polls, of course.


If something pops up that you really don't understand, leave me a comment and I'll fix it, or if not a Member yet, send me an email:  questions@calling


Order of Articles

Articles or Posts appear with the most recent at the top of the page. So if you want to see where the Articles in a certain Category have started from, you'll have to scroll down to the very bottom of the page and work your way up.



And thanks again for your visit and specially, for your participation in the Challenge.


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The Index to Topics & Articles

If you need this page translated, try this ...

Thanks for visiting!

To translate this page, select your

language from the dropdown menu below:


This page serves as an Index. It's goal is to make navigating convenient.


The Index here is just beginning will soon be of more use to you as items get added.




Here you will find links to each article. The organization is by Category, as found in the Lateral Menu at right, and under that, by subject/ topic, with links to articles presented here in an order that appears most logical to me. We'll see how that logic holds up.


By comparison, if one clicks on a Category in the Lateral Menu at right, one gets all  the articles in that Category, in chronologic order, with most recent at top of page, on a single page that requires scrolling through to find older articles. Also, if a Category in the Lateral Menu is in Bold, that means that it has Subcategories that appear below it, when you click on that Category to open it.


The goal here is to permit you to find content more easily. To make them stand out, links are in red, and change to underlined black when one mouses over them. The link takes one to the actual article, with less searching around. In blue are headings for categories and sub-categories.




"We're Doing What Here ?" - The CHALLENGE

The Challenge is the name that we have assigned to the shared activity that is our approach to the COVID-19 pandemic. This "approach" includes an intention and firm commitment to helping others involved with this illness from where we are located around our world. And who isn't involved ? Those trying to avoid becoming infected. Those who unfortunately have the illness. Those caring for those sick with this disease. Those working to develop vaccines and other effective therapies. Those who have lost loved ones, friends, acquaintances to this illness. All are included in our thoughts as we embark each day for 20 minutes during The CHALLENGE.


To improve focus while conserving personal energies, we select those who are currently Actively ILL with COVID-19 as a target. The goal is to move them from that category, to those who have now Recovered. That summarizes a transition that few would argue is a good one. 


To see how that is being done here, it's time to read  The CHALLENGE


Why Do This ?

That would seem like the next logical place to go. So here's our answer for Why Do This ? When you're done reading, if you didn't see YOUR reason for being here, please write us to let us know.

To share such thoughts write to

Or leave a comment at the end of the article.


Clocks & Timers

If one is going to do something for 20 minutes, but starting at a specific time, a need for clocks and timers appears. You can certainly use your own, but some are provided here for convenience. Also for your convenience, two different start times per day are possible. The usual one at 12:00PM Noon GMT, and a second Challenge, 12 hours later at Midnight GMT. The Timers page also helps to figure out what time that is on your clock where you are. For those who elect the 2nd shift, which we have named the Midnight Squadron, you'll find timers and explanations at the link provided.


An efficient approach to each participation is to use this link to get swiftly set up. It provides a vocal guide to the 20 minutes during the Challenge, signaling 5 minute intervals. It also gets one set up with the world slowly spinning as a point of visual focus. At the bottom of that page, a "How To" video, showing the quick steps to getting started.




The fact that individuals located throughout our world have found our site and returned to it makes us, we must admit, happy. This space is relatively new so that is encouraging. 

Some people may easily empathize with our message and methods here. 

We would of course like to discover that growth trend continuing in the days and weeks to come. 

But it's really not about a somewhat futile counting of numbers or "hits" and worrying about that.

Neither is it about coercion, manipulation, conspiracies or propaganda.


Instead, it's that we believe that what we are doing here is important. We also believe that it will succeed. So we try to identify motivators for doing The Challenge that will help stimulate others to participate. So far those seem to fall into the following categories, which will evolve as needed:


From the "Front Lines"

As with letters written by soldiers from the trenches during a war, the information shared by those caring for the sick is not always pleasant news. But in each case there is something so direct transmitted, that ignoring it to maintain one's personal comfort seems a poor choice. Perhaps these are difficult but essential motivators. And if one reacts by saying that from where one is located, if not on the "front lines," one can do nothing - we quickly remind about The Challenge.



If the goal is to see more Recovered appearing from the ranks of the Actively ILL, and if we are dedicated to our proposition that The Challenge can help with that, then how are we doing ?

There are results to answer that question, and we post them as frequently as possible at the link provided, and called of course: Feedback.




News stories as presented by today's media sources can provide leads that are somehow related to our intention here. We'll look for those.

Finding that relation is not always immediate. One must wade through what's behind the "look of the News" and the "if it bleeds it leads" tendencies. But you already are aware of that. Sensationalism and shock value are not motivators here. Occasionally we may find other values that are motivators to right thought and especially, right action through The Challenge. 

We call that News of the right kind, or Intentional NEWS.




Foreign Languages

We will not be duplicating every article written, translating each into several other languages.

The language for most articles is English. 

But for several others, a separate page will be provided that gives a Short Introduction to the Challenge and its related methods, offered as an audio recording as well as a text file, and another with the Challenge concisely explained. 

Finally, specific Targets will be explained and presented as text and as audio recordings. The goal is to sharpen and focus the listener's intention to be present in assisting those Actively iLL with COVID-19 and reduce their numbers.


Pour les francophones

le Défi en français (the Challenge explained in French)

Les Cibles de type Phase 2 (en français)


Para los que hablan español

Introducción, en español  (Short Intro in Spanish)

Aquí tienes una explicación del Desafío, una vez más en tu idioma.


Für diejenigen, die Deutsch sprechen

Eine kurze Einführung, auf Deutsch (Short Intro in German)

Die Herausforderung auf Deutsch (the Challenge in German)


Para quem fala portugues

Uma introdução, em português  (Short Intro in Portugese)

O Desafio em Português (the Challenge in Portuguese)


If you speak Hindi



Hindee bolane vaalon ke lie

ek parichay, hindee mein (Short Intro in Hindi)

aapakee bhaasha mein ek baar phir chailenj ka spashteekaran diya gaya hai.



Navigating This Site

Where Things Are Located, Membership, Language Issues - "get acquainted," and "how stuff gets done on this site" type of info. Because the base language for our blog provider is French, it requires a few adjustments and a little translation, to make an English-based visit as easy as possible. There shouldn't be too much suffering imposed, I don't think. Least, I hope not. Something isn't clear? Fire off an email to :


Membership : How to Sign Up - Also, this article addresses 'How To Log In' once you're a Member. Boring? Yes. Standard fare? Yes. Nothing out of the ordinary. Allows one to select options about notifications, Newsletters, etc.  once a Member of this site. 



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