Adding perspective to your thoughts about COVID-19


This helps us move towards our Phase 2 Targets.


Sometimes to understand a situation, the best thing to do is to place ourselves in that situation for a moment or longer.


Of course placing oneself where ther is a great deal of COVID-19 illness to be cared for is risky.


But to get a sense of the magnitude of this problem (you probably already have that) helps focus our intention during the Challenge.


So listen to this little interview, and try to place yourself in a space that allows you to see our world now, through the eyes of the person recounting his illness. 


This is a Surgical Resident in his second year of training, so I can empathize. Been there. Done that.


But listen to what he has to say. See our world through his eyes, because his view of existence has certainly been changed. It has evolved. His intention to heal will certainly be augmented for the rest of his professional career. That's the positive side of all of this destruction.


If you haven't had COVI-19, all the better. Continue to avoid it, well, ... like the plague.

He's going to tell you what its like.


Have a listen.



Join with others each day, at 12:00 noon GMT, and meet the Challenge.


Don't be late.


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